Best Mixer Grinders In India Buyers Guide

Best Mixer Grinder in India Complete Buyers Guide 2017

Every kitchen needs a mixer grinder and we as Indians love our spices. In order to get the the right blend of the masala getting the best mixer grinder in your kitchen should be your priority. However, In India choosing the best Mixer Grinder among hundreds of brands can be a daunting task. Which is why we at ploonge try make your purchase journey easier by carefully going through hundreds of models and then come up with the best among the lot. We will go through the technical specifications and also hundreds of reviews to create this comprehensive list of Mixer grinders which are doing well in the current market of 2017. Without further ado, let us get started.

How does a Mixer Grinder Work?

While this isn’t the most important aspect to be known when making a purchase it is always a plus if you the basic working of the machine which you are about to buy. This will help you to see and understand the technical specifications from a different perspective.

The basic function of a mixer grinder is to chop the ingredients into minute particles and then grind it. To achieve this the machine will have multiple blades in the shape of propellers which is driven by a motor. This is pretty much the basics of how a mixer grinder works. Watch the video below to get a better understanding.

3 factors to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder

As consumers we have to keep a close eye on some of the important factors before buying any appliance. Especially when one is buying kitchen appliance which will be used daily we have to be very careful to find the right product. In the case of a mixer grinder these are the factors you must look for while doing your research.

1.Mixer Requirements

There are mainly two types of Mixer grinders, one which is only meant for grinding and the other also have juice maker in addition. Based on your requirements you can go for either of the variants. If you already have a juicer then you can go for the grinder variant but if you do not have one then it makes economic sense to buy the second variant which has both grinder and Juicer as it will save you some money.

2.Safety Factors

Whenever you are buying an kitchen appliance and it is has something to deal with electricity then you have to make sure that the device has safety systems in place.

Safety Lock: This is very important and it is quite astonishing to see that some of the mixer grinders do not have this feature and have a vacuum based technology. Irrespective of technology a safety lock is a must feature which ensures that the ingredients doesn’t spill out there by keeping the other parts of the machine away from this.

Vacuum Base: This is to deal with the base of the mixer, make sure it has a stable vacuum base or if you are buying online lookout for a vacuum base one in the product specifications / Descriptions. His will ensure that the mixer is stable even at high loads.

Over Load Protection : We have a tendency to overload the mixer at times thereby leading to permanent damage if the overload system isn’t in place, with this feature the mixer trips and stops functioning temporarily so that the necessary changes can be made before restarting. This is handy feature to avoid damage leading to machine failure.


This is the most important factor to look for but it is generally overlooked. Depending on the type of ingredients which you will be grinding you can choose the power rating. Typically the power ranges from 450-1000W with higher power range being required for grinding batters which is used for dosas and idlis.

These are some of the major factors you need to keep an eye on before buying a mixer. Along with this also make sure that they provide you with three jars for grinding, chutney and juicing jar respectively. Also choose a Mixer which has decent motor speed.

Best Mixer Grinders In India in 2017

1.Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt 4-Jar Super Mixer Grinder

This tops the list not only because it is from a well renowned brand that it has lasted the tested for plenty of years now. This has been in the market for more than 10 years now which is an indicator of the fact that this is a leader when it comes to high quality mixer grinder.

Key features

  • Features a safe desingn with food safety plastic used with dual safety mechanisms
  • Has 4 levels of speed manipulation for ideal grinding depending on the requirement
  • The blades are samurai edged making it very efficient for multiple operations
  • The motor has a power rating of 550W which is ideal for all types of ingredients

2.Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White)

Orient is also another manufacturer which has made its name in the market of Mixer grinder and offers some good models across multiple ranges. Here is our pick after going through their offering. It is Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft mixer grinder. Let us look into what it has to offer.

Key Features

  • The nickel based blades provides superior grinding capabilities
  • It has 3 jars which makes it a perfect mixer for all purposes
  • The 500W copper motor used also takes care of heating issues and provides good grinding
  • The jars have flow break technology employed which makes the grinding process more effective

 3.Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars (Black/Light Grey)

This is our third recommendation because of it’s price which is a bit steep. However performance wise it is a beast, if you wouldn’t mind an extra 2000 then this is the mixer grinder to go for. Preethi is also a well known brand when it comes to home appliances. Lets look into some of the amazing features it has to offer.

Key Features

  • The design is amazing and will surely add some grace to your kitchen. The surface is smoothly designed and even minute details is taken care of
  • Comes with a useful add on called super extractor which can be used for extracting coconut milk which is used as a main ingredient in curries
  • This variant has a master chef plus jar with a capacity of 2.1 liters making on of its kind
  • The vega W5 motor provides great grinding speed and lesser noise
  • The insta juicer allows to prepare tantalizing shakes and juice instantly because of the way the jar is designed


This concludes our review on some of the mixer grinders in India, we have extensively researched most of the brands in the current market. There are cheaper mixers which are in the range of 1000-2000 rupees but as this is a device which you will be regularly using which is why advice you to put some money into it. There are plenty of discounts and payment options available online, there no cost emi options and amazing cashbacks on credit cards. You have to wait for the right time and make the purchase to maximize your benefits. Always go for a brand which has been in this business for a long time so that they have wide service network in case something goes wrong with your device. We wish this guide was useful and helped you in getting the best grinder, Do share your experience in the comments section.


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