10 apps to download music for free on mobile

Deepak Gupta February 20, 2022
Updated 2022/02/20 at 7:10 PM

Options for downloading music from the internet are not lacking, however: you know ten alternatives legalized to listen and download your favorite audios? With that in mind, Mundo Conectado has prepared a special selection with some of the apps of the genre that are worth knowing.

check it out the list, with a brief description. Most of the following options are available for PRAÇA, iOS and android:

10 apps and services to download music for free on mobile

10 – Stage mp3

Here we have an option adopted by artists who want to promote their work at no cost, creating a bridge with their listeners. Being able to choose the songs by themes, it’s a great way to have access to the songs, and it has sections dedicated to the respective musical genres.

9 – jamendo

It already offers options right out of the box that alternate between music by independent artists and royalty-free tracks. It is a great option for those who work with video and audio editing, and need to choose tracks that are not copyrighted.

Especially for those who work in this area, it is a huge problem to have their work overturned by copyright, and it can be very expensive if it violates any Brazilian law.

8 – AudialsPlay

This is more aimed at fans of online radio, bringing together more than 100,000 stations worldwide. In addition, it allows you to save the songs played to your favorite station. This would be an option that would certainly be in high demand by listeners of traditional radios, who listened to their favorite music randomly, and then had to find other means to be able to have it in their personal collection – especially at the time of CDs and even vinyl.

7 – SoundCloud

Here we already have a better known option. It is a site widely used by artists who promote their music on YouTube. It is usually the first legal option they give to anyone interested in downloading. Also very good for those who want to listen by streaming and store in the cloud. Not all tracks are downloadable, but this is controlled by whoever initially uploaded them.

6 – AudioMack

Similar to SoundCloud, and another tool used by up-and-coming artists. I have options for different musical genres, but with an emphasis on Blues, Trap and Hip-Hop releases.

5 – DatePiff

More option for Hip-Hop fans, and AudioMack competitor. We also have a download option, but the file can only be accessed through the app – it is not saved in an open format on your device. The big advantage is not needing a subscription, as it uses a system similar to YouTube Music – which charges a monthly fee.

4 – Free Music Archive

An online repository. Usually used by underground artists, it does not have an emphasis on major releases. Other options on the list are better if that’s your goal, but it’s still a valid option.

3 – Live Music Archive

Option for those who like to listen to audios of live shows. It is a segment of the Web Archive, aimed at those who enjoy the aforementioned experience. The only catch is: it has an app for the iOS ecosystem, but it still doesn’t have a native one for Android. The website, which can be accessed in any browser, works without any problems.

two – BandCamp

This is a viable option for those who want to download music and directly help their favorite artists. Founded in 2012, the application reports that it has transferred more than 840 million dollars to the most diverse names in the music scene.

1 – musopen

At the top of our list, we have this one, focused on classical music. PDF sheet music downloads can be found, and this is very useful for musicians. As this is a free option, it has a lot to offer for listeners and professionals in the field.

Interested in any option featured on this list? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments field and on our social networks. For those who are willing to pay monthly fees, two great options are the Spotify it’s the YouTube Music – we will write about these platforms in another opportunity. Stay tuned on our website for tips and information about the world of technology!


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