10 Best Ransomware Protection Software for Windows 11

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 6, 2022
Updated 2022/02/06 at 6:09 PM

10 Best Ransomware Protection Software for Windows 11

Over the past few years, we have increasingly seen a new wave of attacks on Windows computers. Widespread ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, Dharma, CryptoLocker, etc., have affected millions of PCs worldwide and hijacked the entire drive from user access. You have to pay a ransom to unlock and decrypt your PC in such cases, otherwise you lose access to all your precious files. So, to be better prepared, we have compiled a list of the top 10 software for ransomware protection for Windows 11 that can help defend your PC against new emerging threats. We have introduced in this article programs anti ransomware free and paid for microsoft Windows 11. So without waiting, let’s find a program anti ransomware suitable for your Windows 11 PC.

Best Ransomware Protection Software for Windows 11 (2022)

We have mentioned the top 10 software for ransomware protection for Windows 11, suitable for individuals and businesses. We also added some programs anti ransomware free for Windows 11 and some decryption tools.

1. Malwarebytes for the ransomware protection

If you are looking for software anti ransomware reliable for Windows 11my first recommendation will be Malwarebytes. It is a comprehensive antivirus program that can detect ransomware, exploits, malware, zero-day attacks, etc. Malwarebytes is frequently updated with new information about cyber threats, virus definitions, and new vectors spreading ransomware. It brings you unparalleled ransomware detection and prevention technology, so your PC isn’t locked out of your control.

Malwarebytes also uses Anomaly Detection Machine Learning to identify suspicious executables that can take over your Windows 11 PC. The best part is that it’s quite lightweight, so it won’t be a drain on your system resources. Also, while Malwarebytes lets you try all premium features for 14 days at no cost, I suggest you subscribe to its annual or monthly premium plan to get real-time protection against all kinds of ransomware.

2. Bitdefender Total Security

If Malwarebytes isn’t for you, I highly recommend Bitdefender for its all-in-one protection features. Yes, Bitdefender uses a lot of system resources compared to other programs on this list, but it also offers maximum protection against all kinds of ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, etc.

Similar to Malwarebytes, Bitdefender deploys intelligent machine learning algorithms to detect malicious actors on your PC and prevent them from hijacking your valuable personal files. The machine learning technique continuously monitors various processes and executables. It performs behavioral analysis in the background to quickly detect and prevent even zero-day attacks from malicious actors. If you need a feature-rich antivirus that also offers ransomware protection, Bitdefender is a good choice.


Emsisoft is another perfect Windows 11 ransomware protection software. I recommend it to both personal and business users. Emsisoft’s ransomware detection technology is the best in the industry that does not slow down your device and at the same time prevents and recovers your PC from a hard lock. emsisoft is partnered with ID Ransomware to identify ransomware through signature-based detection.

Emsisoft is usually the first to detect new and emerging threats through its intelligence collection network and protects all of its endpoints before ransomware reaches your device. It also stops the attack chains deployed by most ransomware and performs behavior-based detection as well. Not to mention, Emsisoft also offers you a free service where you can decrypt your ransomware affected PC. At the same time, Emsisoft is one of the best software anti ransomware for Windows 11, and you can surely commit to it for full protection.

4. Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool

Users looking for software to ransomware protection free for Windows 11 can turn to Kaspersky anti-ransomware tool. It’s an .exe file and has a footprint of just 90MB. You don’t get all the advanced ransomware protection features you might expect, but Kaspersky says free users will get essential protection against ransomware that will protect their PC against existing and popular ransomware. If you choose the paid plan, you get a full protection suite, including advanced ransomware detection and prevention technology.

The free tool can prevent malicious executables from encrypting your drives, either locally or remotely. Additionally, the free tool can also block crypto-mining software, exploits, and many other types of threats.

The tool anti ransomware Kaspersky is an excellent utility available for free, and you should definitely give it a try.

5. ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

ZoneAlarm’s anti-ransomware tool is considered one of the best ransomware protection programs for Windows 11. Similar to Malwarebytes, it is light on resources and good at detecting ransomware and preventing it from taking over your Windows 11 PC. anti ransomware ZoneAlarm mainly focuses on analyzing suspicious activity on your PC and preventing any malicious ransomware from encrypting your drives.

It also protects you from phishing sites and emails, but you need to add its extension to your browser. Overall the software anti ransomware of ZoneAlarm is good, mainly because it is compatible with native Windows Defender protection (which you can disable easily) on Windows 11. In conclusion, if you are looking for a anti ransomware lightweight -ransomware, you can take a look at ZoneAlarm’s anti-ransomware tool.


If you are looking for a tool anti ransomware advanced designed to protect your PC Windows 11 against ransomware attacks like WannaCry, you should consult Webroot. It is one of the best ransomware protection software for Windows 11 for individuals and businesses. It extensively protects your PC from cyber threats, phishing attacks and prevents any kind of remote injection, so that your computer is not taken hostage by hackers.

The program also allows you to safely restore your encrypted hard drive and blocks any attempt to lock your PC. Although Webroot offers a 14-day free trial, I recommend opting for the paid plan if you want full ransomware protection. The paid plan is well worth the price for the kind of ironclad security you get with Webroot.

7. Avast Ransomware Decryption Tool

If you have already been hit by a ransomware attack and want to decrypt your files, I suggest you download Avast Ransomware decryption tool. It is one of the best software that can help you to access your Windows 11 computer. It has ready-to-use decryption tools for major ransomware attacks including AES_NI, Crypt888, Apocalypse, HiddenTear, etc. . Over time, Avast adds decryption tools for new and emerging ransomware threats to its website.

First you need to identify the ransomware attack and you can download a specific decryption tool from its website. This way you can decrypt your hard drive and restore PC to working condition without paying ransom. But note that this is not a ransomware protection software but a ransomware decryption tool for Windows 11.

8. Acronis Ransomware Protection

Acronis, the popular company known for its backup and recovery software, has released ransomware protection software to protect your Windows 11 PC from sophisticated ransomware attacks. Unlike the freeware on this list, this is a paid package but provides high intelligence security for your PC. It has a network of industry groups, independent labs, and cybersecurity analysts to quickly detect emerging ransomware threats hitting across the globe.

It’s also one of the few companies here to bring its machine learning engine to VirusTotal to detect online threats. Although Acronis Ransomware Protection is mainly used by businesses, I believe that even home users can benefit from its protection. Recently, Acronis has provided solutions to cryptojacking which affects users all over the world. So yes, if you want top-level ransomware protection, you should take a look at Acronis’ offering.

9. Sophos intercepts X

If you run a business (whether small or large), I highly recommend using Sophos Intercept X to protect all your endpoints against ransomware attacks. It has been named the best endpoint security vendor for the past few years and continues to detect threats more than other vendors in the industry. This Windows 11 software offers ransomware protection, automatic file recovery, and behavioral analysis to prevent malicious actors from hijacking your PC.

Like other advanced programs, Sophos Intercept X leverages AI and Deep Learning to detect known and unknown threats without relying on signature-based detection. The best part is that it has an elite threat response team that can neutralize even the most notorious ransomware vectors. In summary, organizations with multiple endpoints should consider Sophos Intercept X to protect your entire network of devices.

10. Trend Micro AntiVirus+ Security

Trend Micro is our last entry on this list of ransomware protection tools for Windows 11. It is one of the most popular security providers in the enterprise sector, according to Acronis, Sophos, Emsisoft, etc. Apart from its commercial offer, it also provides an all-in-one antivirus for individuals. The antivirus is capable of blocking and defending your PC against ransomware, malware, virus, etc.

Trend Micro has brought its intelligent threat detection engine to home users to protect your PC against new and emerging threats. It can also decrypt and restore your PC against ransomware attacks without damaging any of your valuable files. Just like other programs, Trend Micro Antivirus + Security performs both signature-based and AI detection of PC ransomware.

Choose the best anti-ransomware tool for Windows 11

So here is our handpicked list of the best tools anti ransomware for Windows 11. If you frequently connect to remote computers or want to protect your valuable files from being hijacked by ransomware attacks, having a dedicated anti-ransomware tool is a must. I’m sure you’ll find software that suits your needs in the list above. Anyway, it all comes from us.

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