2 Netflix series are currently storming the streaming service – with all seasons

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 6:11 PM

Equals two Netflix series are currently prominently placed in the streaming service charts. They are in the top 10 with both seasons available.

These Netflix series conquer the charts

The Netflix series “Raising Dion” and “Toy Boy” are currently prominently featured in the streaming service’s charts. Both the available first and second seasons appear in the top 10 in Germany.

These are the Netflix charts in Germany (from February 17 to 20, 2022):

series weeks in the top 10
1 “Inventing Anna” miniseries 2
2 “Love is blind” season 2 1
3 All Of Us Are Dead Season 1 4
4 Toy Boy Season 1 4
5 “Betty in NY” Season 1 10
6 Broklyn Nine Nine Season 7 2
7 Sweet Magnolias Season 2 3
8th Toy Boy Season 2 1
9 Raising Dion Season 2 3
10 Raising Dion Season 1 3

The genre of the two series couldn’t be more different. Toy Boy is a thriller series recommended for ages 16+, while Raising Dion is based on a comic book and is suitable for ages six and up.

That’s what “Raising Dion” is about

Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) wants to know what lies behind the mystery of her son Dion’s (Ja’Siah Young) growing superpowers. While the widow tries to find out what is happening, her boy’s unique gift must be hidden.

Both seasons have been in the Netflix charts for three weeks. The second season of “Raising Dion” has been available on Netflix since February 1, 2022.

That’s what “Toy Boy” is about

Hugo Beltrán (Jesús Mosquera) has the stripper name “Toy Boy”. When he is accused of murdering his lover’s husband, he is put behind bars. He was not released from prison until seven years later. His case will be retried. For this he sets out together with his lawyer Triana Marín (María Pedraza) to search for evidence that he is innocent. A person framed him for the murder at the time…

The fourth season has been in the top 10 for four weeks. The second season “Toy Boy” has been running on Netflix since February 11, 2022 and makes it straight into the charts.

More exciting information about Netflix titles

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Source: Netflix, own research

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