22-year-old becomes a millionaire by turning his selfies into NFT

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
Updated 2022/01/15 at 5:59 AM

There are many ways to make money on the internet, from selling your photos through image banks and even offering some kind of service. So, with the growth of NFTs, some people and companies decided to take a risk in the market. And that was the case of a young man born in Indonesia. Ghozali Ghozalu, 22, decided to publish his daily selfies taken over five years and put them up for sale.

From 2017 to last year, almost every day, the Indonesian took pictures in front of his computer and recently started selling them for 0.001 Ether each, which is about $3. social networks and the collection Ghozali Everyday (Ghozali Todo Dia, in the Portuguese translation) has 933 selfies with captions simpler than the photos themselves.

The minimum price for photos these days is 0.42 ETH (approximately $1,400). Currently, the entire NFT collection of Ghozalu photos is worth more than US$ 1 million. However, this amount has surpassed the mark of 3 million dollars.

The success of selfies

The young man is a college student, who created a video gathering all of his selfies to post on YouTube. This practice is different, but not that hard to find on YouTube. There are several similar videos, which show photos of the same person over the days and years.

At the time, this was Ghozalu’s only goal, as NFTs were not popular. However, with the success of the photo collection, the student managed to secure a high amount of money.

“My goal of taking pictures of myself for 5 years is just for this video and in the future for this year I hope to graduate from college and be able to take my graduation photo, it will be a nice trip,” Ghozalu said in a Twitter post.

To gain fame, the new and young millionaire had the help of celebrities and public figures to succeed within the Open Sea platform. As is the case of chef Arnold Poernomo, also born in Indonesia, who sold Ghozalu’s photos to more than 5 million followers on social networks.


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