3 smart LED strips that make your room shine

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 11:14 PM

The warm white lamp on the ceiling is no longer enough for you? Would you like to spice up your living room or bedroom with indirect lighting? With smart LED strips Is that possible: The models made of small mini lamps immerse your premises in the colors of the rainbow. Attached to the TV, cupboards or baseboards, great light effects can be created. And best of all: most of them can be controlled with a mobile phone via WLAN or Bluetooth. How exactly this works and which three LED strips are the best.

Smart LED strips: what should I watch out for?

Beginners when it comes to LED strips often ask themselves: What is the difference between the Lightstrips? The market offers many different models with different functions. We list a few points that you should consider when buying:

  • length: Depending on the place of use, you need a certain length for your LED strips. Luminaires that can be shortened in order to adapt them to specific purposes are advantageous.
  • function type: The LED strips often differ in terms of their operation. Smart models that can be controlled via WLAN or Bluetooth are ideal. Subtleties can be adjusted and settings made using the app. A remote control is helpful if the mobile phone is not at hand. However, a combination of both is rare. So you have to make a compromise.
  • features: Extras make the LED strips particularly interesting. Some models can change colors to the rhythm of the music or – depending on the time of day – dim their lights.
  • Smart home compatibility: If you are the proud owner of some smart home products, make sure that the LED strips can be integrated into the systems. This makes it easier to use.

Recommendation: Govee Immersion WiFi LED TV Backlight with Camera

Ambilight is a technology developed by Philips that uses LED elements behind the TV to increase the field of view. They project the color spectrum of the TV onto the wall behind it. This not only brings cinema flair to your home, but should also be easy on the eyes. However, only buyers of Philips TVs can enjoy it. Govee offers a similar technique for a fair price. It works with any TV.

Your LED strip set with camera is attached to the rear housing of a television. A small cam points to the TV screen in order to transfer the color nuances to the LED strips. Ambilight is born. The colors are adjusted in real time. Other features: Thanks to the microphone, the strips can flash to the music or be adjusted manually using the Govee app. A number of effects are possible here. Also: The smart LED strips are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Price: 75.99 euros.

Affordable LED strips from Hovvida

There are already good light strips for just under 20 euros: The smart strips from Hovvida can display up to 16 million colors. They can be controlled both by remote control and by app. There are 28 style modes to choose from, including microphone and sound syncing.

If you want to get more out of it, there are many options in the app. A timer, several tempos and animations let creativity run free. And best of all: The LED strips can be attached anywhere, whether in the kitchen, at the computer desk or on the veranda.

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance light strips for the smart home

Philips fans use the electronics giant’s smart LED strips. With good reason: the strips are easy to integrate into the Philips smart home system. Setup is via Bluetooth. With the help of the Philips app, you can then set great lighting accents in your rooms. In addition to 16 million colors, a cozy atmosphere with white or warm white light is conceivable.

If two meters are not enough for you, you can extend the strips up to ten meters. Important: The same version of the light strip must be used. Otherwise, an extension will not work. The smart LED strips are also compatible with smart Amazon products such as the Echo Dot. In terms of price, however, the light strips are slightly higher than other models. Here you pay almost 62 euros for two meters.

Smart LED strips: indirect lighting for a small budget

Smart LED strips refine the ambience in the living room or bedroom. Your advantage: They are easy to attach. Added to this is their low purchase price. The options are diverse: from smart LED strips with remote control to WiFi lamps that provide Ambilight. Here you will find an LED light test by IMTEST. Also interesting: Smart Home bestsellers on Amazon that everyone is happy about.

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