41% say Intel Arc graphics can rival Nvidia and AMD models

Deepak Gupta August 20, 2022
Updated 2022/08/20 at 9:25 PM

Intel didn’t want to contribute to the hardware market ‘only’ with its powerful processors and, as such, bet and officially announced its line of graphics cards arc. From this range some models are already known and the Arc A380 has even reached some stores.

But with this change, we considered that it would be pertinent at this time to question our readers and find out if they think that Intel Arc graphics cards can compete at the height of the Nvidia and AMD models. So let’s see all the results.




Can Intyel Arc graphics be up against Nvidia and AMD?

After finishing last week's question, now follows the disclosure of all the results through the analysis of the 779 responses obtained.

And when analyzing the results, we found that the affirmative and negative answers do not present a very significant difference in the number of choices. However, most with 59% believe that Intel Arc graphics cards will not compete with Nvidia and AMD models (461 votes). The rest 41% of readers are of the opinion that the new GPUs of the Californian brand can really be rivals of graphics chips from the two manufacturers that already dominate this market (318 votes).

Graph results

For a better visual perception, follow the graph with the results of this question.

Therefore, opinions are divided, however Intel has not yet released all of its Arc graphics models to the market. As such, consumers have not yet been able to test these devices properly. Therefore, we will certainly repeat this question in some time and try to understand if, at that time, the results remain similar to those of this article.

But if you didn't answer our question, tell us so now you consider that the Intel Arc graphics cards may or may not be a good competitor to the Nvidia and AMD models.

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