5 apps to explore nature… and the universe as a family

Deepak Gupta July 19, 2022
Updated 2022/07/19 at 11:38 AM

Mobile applications play a fundamental role in the lives of each one of us and in the most varied areas. Whether communicating with the family, working, shopping, playing games or watching a series… Children find smartphones and tablets also a good ally to pass the time, especially during vacation time. . So, why not use apps as a family to discover what surrounds us in nature?

Discover five apps for Android and iOS so that your family vacation has technology as an ally, without forgetting the world around you.

Picture Insect - Insects ID

We are surrounded by insects, but we know little about them. In many cases there are myths that can be broken with knowledge. The first app to explore the world around you with your family is Picture Insect - Insect ID.

The app identifies spiders, butterflies, and insects in general. It has an easy to use interface and all you need to do is take a picture of the insect you want to identify. A wide variety of information about it is then shown.

5 apps to explore nature... and the universe as a family

Home page: Next Vision Limited
Price: Free (with premium plans available)
Punctuation: 4.6 [iOS]/ 4.5 [Android] stars

NatureID - Identify plants

To explore nature it is not necessary to go to the middle of the forest. The garden at home, the park where you live or just walking down the street are full of plants, flowers, weeds... and everything can be explored with this app.

In addition, for those who want to create and care for plants, this app has essential tips, especially for those who don't understand anything about the subject.

Home page: AIBY Inc.
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.6 [iOS]/ 4.7 [Android] stars

ShroomID - Identify Mushrooms!

The mushroom universe is both charming and dangerous. In any garden, small colonies of mushrooms bloom and there are numerous species that can be consumed in our forests. However, there are also many others that can be deadly and that you should stay away from.

Despite being available in English (which could also be another opportunity to develop a second language), ShroomID - Identify Mushrooms! will help identify mushroom species around the world, indicate whether or not they are poisonous, which territories they can be found and even the time of year when they develop the most.

Satellite Tracker by StarWalk

We are increasingly with our eyes fixed on the sky, but today the constellations are confused with the artificial satellites that humanity continues to send wildly into space.

The Satellite Tracker by Star Walk app will help you to unravel all the mysteries that the night reveals.

Home page: Vito Technology
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.6 [iOS]/ 4.1 [Android] stars

Stellarium - Star Map

The previous option is more satellite-oriented and Stellarium - Star Map is more about stars and planets, although satellites can also be explored through it.

Just point your smartphone at the sky and better understand what you're seeing, unraveling every bright dot in the sky. But there is much more information to explore.

Home page: Stellarium Labs
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.9 [iOS]/ 4.7 [Android] stars

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