5 common practices that can cause problems for your laptop

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 22, 2022
Updated 2022/01/22 at 5:24 PM

With electronics costing absurd prices due to the scarcity of chips, it’s good to be very careful with them. If you use a notebook, you should take advantage of the mobility that the device provides, but this ease of taking it anywhere can create some risks if not done carefully. And despite its practicality of being used anywhere on battery power, be careful where you use it. Check out 5 tips to take care of yours notebook.

1. Use the notebook on your lap or on soft surfaces

One of the most common habits among notebook users is to use the machine on their lap or on the bed, for example. Despite the possible gain in comfort, the practice is not advisable, as it causes damage both to those who use the computer and to the notebook itself. And please: don’t put it on the cover!

“When using the laptop on your lap or on soft surfaces, the fans are not able to do their job properly, leading to a higher than normal heating of the machine. In addition, the high temperature can cause damage to the user’s skin”, says Moacyr Amorosino, responsible for 2A.M, a manufacturer of accessories for notebooks.

2. Install programs of unknown origin

Suspicious programs originating from dubious websites (I know what you accessed last summer!) should be avoided as much as possible. This is because these software may contain some virus or malware, which damage the notebook. In that same sense, open Wi-Fi networks should be avoided as much as possible, as this type of connection is more exposed to software that can pose risks to the computer and user data.

3. Not cleaning the machine regularly

Due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, notebook components need to be cleaned inside and out regularly. “Cleaning is essential and should be done periodically, especially in areas of high dust accumulation, such as the keyboard, screen and air vents. The concentration of dirt in these places can compromise the proper functioning of the notebook”, says Moacyr. If you don’t know or don’t feel confident about cleaning it, just take it to a technician.

4. Leaving the notebook exposed in inappropriate places

Environments with poor ventilation, high humidity and unusual temperature will certainly have a negative impact on the machine. Another tip is keep the notebook away from electrical appliances that can generate a strong magnetic field, such as a motor or a large speaker.

5. Transport the powered notebook

When transporting the notebook on, the hard drive of the machine continues to work. This component works like a needle on a record. Sudden movements on the way can put pressure on this part, causing the recording disc to suffer considerable damage. You can choose to exchange storage for a SSD. In addition to the issue of risk with the hard disk, putting the notebook plugged into a backpack to carry it can also generate overheating.


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