5 new apps for your Android smartphone

Deepak Gupta May 23, 2022
Updated 2022/05/23 at 5:30 PM

Apps are increasingly powerful helping users with the most varied tasks, even if they spend a few minutes playing a good game.

The proposals that we present today are complements to the Android smartphone. Come and see these applications.

5 new android apps


Watching a movie on TV and don't know the name? With this app aimed at the television you will quickly get the answer. In addition to the movie name, you'll also get quick information about it and even create your own video library through your search history.

5 new apps for your Android smartphone

Home page: SM-app
Price: free

Gatekeeper - Social Detox Tool

Do you need to get away from social media and buy more time in your life?

The Gatekeeper - Social Detox Tool app can bring you an important help, so that you don't feel tempted to click on the Instagram icon and see Run Stories or go through the Facebook feed and run again through the posts you just saw 2 minutes ago.

5 new apps for your Android smartphone

Nothing Launcher

Nothing, the new company of the co-founder of OnePlus, is about to launch its new smartphone and has already announced that it has prepared a user interface with everything the user needs, without complicating it.

The launcher is still limited to some smartphone brands, but it can already be tested, for example, on some Samsung, OPPO or Pixel devices.

5 new apps for your Android smartphone

Nimbus Note - Notes and Tasks

Nimbus Note allows you to gather all the necessary information in one place, thus ensuring greater productivity. It therefore allows you to create text and photo notes, to-do lists and even sync everything with Nimbus Note to view and edit on other devices.

5 new apps for your Android smartphone


For those who love to photograph, image editing applications are a help to leave the photograph with a superior quality final finish. In addition to adjustments to brightness, contrast or color, there are often elements that are too much in the photograph.

TouchRetouch is a relatively affordable app that will do this job with great pride.

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