5G data plans can cost from R$250 in Brazil at launch

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 1:01 AM

Much is said about 5G all around the world. Support for the fifth generation of mobile networks is already available on some cell phones, however, residents of Brazil will still need to wait a little longer to benefit from this improvement in its entirety.

From July this yearand initially offered to residents of 27 Brazilian capitals, plans with this technology are expected to be offered openly to the public. The amount charged for those who want to adopt the new service from the beginning?

Something around of BRL 250 monthlyon post-paid and data-restricted bills, according to initial estimates from one of the operators that plans to adopt the technology.

5G is still in the expansion phase

Around 500 million hits are expected in the first three years of pure 5G (aka “standalone“. or simply “5G SA“) in national territory.

This feature is still in the process of expansion, and is not easily found in many countries. Brazil will be the first country in Latin America that will have this evolution.

As we are still in the transition phase, the mix of technologies from previous generations with the current one enables a faster implementation, however, as such, it is not possible to take advantage of all the evolutions found in 5G – such as transfer speeds much higher than can be offered today, and lower latency than the fourth generation.

It is known as 5G DSS (“Dynamic spectrum sharing”, or, in Portuguese, “Dynamic Spectrum Sharing”) the parallel level between the old and current generation, which operators are making available to anyone who has a compatible cell phone – the price, at this stage, will remain the same.

Pietro Labriolapresident of the operator TIMcompared the services that may be contracted, in the near future, with the current business model of Uber – a famous application for individual passenger transport.

As we have UberX and Uber Black, the price offered will be leveled by the level that the customer needs to hire. “Data packages with unlimited usage should be even more restricted with 5G”, according to Labriola.

Although these packages exist in other countries, they are increasingly difficult to find – and when they do exist, they are considerably more expensive than their pre-set options.

The advantages that can be enjoyed with this additional speed, together with the reduction of latency, should not be felt only by traditional users, who want to share their photos and videos with agility.

Even vehicle automation will benefit from these evolutions of the 5G SAas data can be transferred with speeds up to twenty times faster than is currently possible, and city halls will be able to equip traffic lights with features that would enable waiting time based on the movement of each lane – instead of previously timed stops, as happens in the days of today.

For all this to be possible, in the next eight yearsthe operators, I live, TIM and sure plan to invest more than 150 billion reais in the construction of new 5G networks across the country – in addition to the 40 billion reais invested, by imposition of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), to expand the massification of 4G technology in Brazil.


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Source: www.gov.br, Jornaldebrasilia.com.b

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