After a lot of confusion, DuckDuckGo started blocking Microsoft tracking scripts

Deepak Gupta August 8, 2022
Updated 2022/08/08 at 1:08 AM

DuckDuckGo is one of the safest search engines and one that guarantees users maximum privacy. This has been its flag over the years, thus managing to steal users from Google to Microsoft’s Bing.

Despite all the security guarantees and protections, DuckDuckGo was involved in a controversy, which it has now decided to end. It has now extended its protection and also started to block all tracking scripts that Microsoft uses on its websites.




Let's have even more privacy on DuckDuckGo

Despite promising users maximum privacy and user security, DuckDuckGo had until now some limitations in what it gave users. In fact, it did not take the measures it promised and let some users be followed.

This was discovered, and revealed to the world, making it clear how Microsoft scripts were being allowed. Of course, it was not known to users and allowed the software giant to monitor without any limit or control.

DuckDuckGo Microsoft Scripts Privacy Tracking

Microsoft scripts are also blocked

This ends now, like DuckDuckGo revealed, and also Microsoft scripts are blocked in search results. In this seemingly simple way, users are once again protected when using this privacy-dedicated search engine.

This change is promised for this week, with mobile apps and browser extensions being the first to have access. After that, in the following month, it will be applied to the remaining apps and to all elements that, in the meantime, are missing.

DuckDuckGo Microsoft Scripts Privacy Tracking

Not all tracking information will be filtered

In fact, and contrary to what DuckDuckGo has now revealed, not all scripts will be blocked. It was revealed that thanks to the use of advertising on its platform, which is done in partnership with Microsoft, advertisers still want to know about the success of clicks on ads. So the related Microsoft scripts will be allowed

This is an important change that brings more privacy to DuckDuckGo users. After filtering everything that is sent by Google, Facebook and other services, it now accumulates Microsoft and the collection of information that it did with its tracking scripts.

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