AirSeed drone works to plant 100 million trees by 2024

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 9:44 AM

Several companies are looking for ways to combat global warming, one of those interested in this is the Australian startup AirSeed Technologies, what uses drones to plant trees. The company, which operates in the area of ​​reducing carbon levels, has developed its own method of using these unmanned aircraft to plant seeds and aims to plant 100 million trees by 2024.

The company says it is fighting the deforestation that has destroyed 1.3 million square kilometers of trees since 1990, with an average of 15 billion trees annually. To fight this, the company developed its own technology using drones to carry out the large-area seeding process that is up to 25% faster and 80% cheaper than the planting solutions used previously.

The work carried out by the company uses autonomous octocopter drones that are specially adapted with pneumatic methods. able to plant 40,000 trees a day. the startup AirSeed Technologies points out that this is a major advance over current technologies, which plant just 800 trees a day, and is planning a bold goal of achieving plant 100 million trees in 2024.

every seed planted is mapped using a GPS system which allows the company to monitor and analyze the germination and growth process of plants. The company’s autonomous drone is capable of covering a fairly large area for planting.

But in addition to its aircraft adapted for this task, the AirSeed has also been developing other technologies to make the tree growth process even safer. The startup created a way to wrap your seeds to offer protection against insects, rodents and decomposition factors, which favors the germination of these plants.

Credits: AirSeed Technologies Disclosure

These problems that are protected by the company’s “cover” represent, on average, about 30% of the problems in any planting program. With its drones and seed protection, the AirSeed claims it has an 80% successful germination rate.


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Source: AirSeed Technologies, DroneDJ

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