AirTag: Apple improves AirTag protection against tracking

Deepak Gupta February 11, 2022
Updated 2022/02/11 at 7:28 PM

Apple improves AirTag tracking protection

Air Tag is the perfect accessory to find everything. Attach one to your keys, put the other in your bag and forget about it. Thanks to AirTags, you can easily locate your things in the Find My application, which also allows you to discover your Apple devices and keep track of your loved ones.

Apple has declared that he expected later this year an improvement in the Air Tag protection towards unwanted follow-up after several reports of harassment emerged.

The company notes that users are alerted earlier when a Air Tag stranger is detected traveling with them.

They also make it easier to findAirTags strangers by adjusting the tone sequence, which can make them louder, while directing people directly to the mysterious AirTag using the ultra-wideband chip available on new iPhones.

“AirTag is designed to help people locate their personal items, not to track someone else’s people or things,” the company wrote. We condemn any harmful use of our products.

The company also acknowledges that it is seeing increasing reports of people using Air Tag for malicious purposes. She wrote that she was actively working with law enforcement on all inquiries related to Air Tag.

The company claims that it is updating its algorithm to notify users more quickly of the presence of an unwanted tracker.

He also notes that iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 users can use Precision Search to find out where a Air Tag unknown when in range, what only the owner ofAir Tag could do before.

When receiving alerts, Apple also says it simultaneously starts sending notifications to iPhones when a Air Tag unknown issues an audible alert for the first time. This procedure is intended to help in cases where the speaker Air Tag may have been altered.

Regarding audio alerts, Apple also says it will focus on higher tones in the future. The company explains that anyone who configures Air Tag sees a new privacy warning that it’s a crime to use Air Tag for unwanted tracking.

The message also points out that victims are notified upon discovery and that law enforcement may request identifying information for an owner. by AirTag.

Apple will launch an unknown AirTag alert soon

The company also said it is updating support documents to include detailed explanations of what might trigger an alert, as well as providing resources on what to do after receiving an alert.

Apple says these updates will be available later this year. She declined to comment on the timing of the notifications.

Users currently receive an alert in a random period of 8 to 24 hours whenever a Air Tag stranger is detected traveling with them.

While the improvements in audio alerts are beneficial for Android users, other features are not. Currently, Android users have to manually search for AirTags strangers using the separate Tracker Detect application.

Object trackers have long been used to stalk people. But the phenomenon has become more and more noticeable since the launch by AirTag. The reason is due to Apple’s popularity, ease of use and price by AirTag.

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