Alex Jolig and Jenny Elvers: That’s how he feels about his son

Deepak Gupta February 22, 2022
Updated 2022/02/22 at 1:01 PM

This Tuesday (February 22, 8:15 p.m.) starts “Prominent Separate – The Villa of the Exiles” on RTL (also available via RTL +). In the show, former lovers have to work together and complete challenges. At the end they can win 100,000 euros. A total of eight ex-celebrity couples will take part and, according to the broadcaster, will “reach their emotional limits” and “far beyond”. Love comebacks are apparently also not excluded.

Among the participants are ex-“Big Brother” star Alex Jolig (59) and his ex-partner, actress Jenny Elvers (49). Both face special challenges on the show. Their son Paul Elvers (20) was happy about his parents’ unusual experiment, reports Alex Jolig in an interview with the news agency spot on news. It was also an exciting time for Jolig himself: “It was exciting for me to have a change of scenery and to get to know my son’s mother on a different level.” Son is, he reveals in an interview.

Why did you decide to take part in “Prominent Separated”?

Alex Jolig: It was definitely exciting. I’ve never experienced more than 48 hours with Jenny, maybe even 72. Maybe we met in hotels or when we were on a production trip. It was just a fresh, brief relationship back then.

What did you respect the most?

Jolig: I am married. Of course, I have special respect for my wife. Before the show, I didn’t know what to expect. But my wife was amused and laughed. But I had a lot of respect for her because I am happily married and want to stay that way.

How did your wife react to your participation?

Jolig: Great! She immediately said: “Take part! Do it!” The adventure on the show was that we had to spend 14 days together under one roof – for the first time in our lives, so to speak. In addition, we had to complete challenges that we didn’t know about before.

Did you talk to your son before the show?

Jolig: Yes, he thought it was cool and funny. We discuss everything with each other. He thought it was great that his parents spent time together.

She and Jenny Elvers have been through public feuds. Why did you still want to take part in a TV competition?

Jolig: The task on the show is to show that you can come together even after many years and even intensive arguments. I didn’t live the argument that way, it was more a media story that made it boil up like that. That was also what played us off each other to some extent. That’s why I withdrew for the time being. Regarding the show, I thought it might be exciting because we’re not just escaping the situation and maybe proving that after so many years we can still pull together.

They had a turbulent past as a couple. Jenny quickly became pregnant and there was media hype surrounding her. Did that overwhelm you?

Jolig: All the media overwhelmed me, yes. I came from normal life and didn’t really think outside the box. When you then fall into the media world – in my case through “Big Brother” – everyone suddenly thinks they know you. That scared me.

Jenny has sole custody of their son. How is your relationship with him?

Jolig: Great! He will soon be 21 and is already self-employed, which is very cool. When we are together we always have fun and do little challenges when we are on vacation. I’m also getting old and can’t always keep up (laughs). In any case, I’m very proud of him. We found our level, have a lot of fun and like to see each other.

If you look back on your relationship with Jenny Elvers today: What do you think went wrong back then?

Jolig: The topic is addressed in the show (laughs). In any case, what I can say is that there was a lack of communication. We were relatively divided by the media. But the viewer can be surprised (laughs).

What were you hoping for the most from taking part in Prominent Separate?

Jolig: At first I wasn’t hoping for anything. As far as the relationship is concerned, of course I wished for a good time. But I didn’t go in there to say, “I want to win this thing.” I’m always pretty relaxed about that. It was exciting for me to have a change of scenery and to get to know my son’s mother on a different level. In any case, I knew it was going to be intense. You have to commit to it.

What advice would you give to couples who are going through a difficult point in their relationship?

Jolig: Communication! It’s also important to take a step back and not see yourself as too important. In the end, time heals wounds.


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