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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 1:21 AM

Time flies, and as you already imagined Windows 11 became Microsoft’s new operating system. It opted for a breath of fresh air and updated its functions and design by increasing its requirements. We know that since 1985 Windows has been publishing quality operating systems, which are undoubtedly the number one in the market.

Has Windows 11 already been released?

Microsoft’s new operating system has been released October 5, 2021. According to the last major Microsoft event, on June 24 of this year. The operating system already has been tested on a multitude of devices, it is thought that by the beginning of 2022 most computers can update without any problem.

There is great expectation and it is expected that it will be a complete revolution compared to its predecessor. Windows 11 seems to be the new go-to when it comes to operating systems. We also know that, not all computers will be able to upgrade to the new Windows 11. This, having a series of new functions will have various weight requirements.

You will be able to check yourself later in this article if your computer has these specifications. It is worth mentioning that the entire range of Intel and Microsoft products released after October will come with Microsoft’s new operating system and it will not be necessary to update. It might be a good bet to invest in new products from those brands and skip the upgrade step, which can be tedious for some users.

How to install Windows 11

From what is known if your computer has the minimum requirements to use it, you can update by WINDOWS UPDATE. Its about Windows 10 update center, is located in the section of Configuration update and security.

You will have to be patient. Microsoft plans to do a rolling update, so not all computers will receive the update at the same time.

How much will Windows 11 cost? Microsoft has not yet released the official price of Windows 11 licenses. Therefore, the calculation would be made based on the price of Windows 10 Home. Even so, you will have several methods to get Windows 11 for free without you having to pay anything for it. If you already have the current Windows 10 the update will be free.

Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 will feature 40 percent smaller updates. Taskbar renamed as DOCK and optimized for touch controllers as well as for the mouse. Also has Snap Layouts, new multitasking feature that allows you to distribute multiple windows in columns, sections and more.

Another feature is the improved multi-monitor compatibility. Once you connect an external monitor, Windows 11 will remember the previous positions with the windows that were on that monitor.

Regarding online content, Microsoft Store has been redesigned. More optimized content and a better way to manage the series you have already purchased. Disney +, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pinterest and more, they are already in a store modified for Windows 11.

Microsoft Windows Store 11.

Apps like WPA, EWP, and Win are also on the Microsoft Store. If you are a developer and have a commercial engine, you can keep 100% of the income you generate thanks to Microsoft Store.

Renovated design:

Windows 11 gets a new look called Fluent Design. Goodbye to the old contemporary look of Windows 10. An innovative modern contrast shows us rounded windows and applications. The clipping tool as a result of this has been practically rewritten and greatly improved.

One of the most notable changes to Microsoft’s new operating system is the start button. Which now changes depending on the time of day and the applications you are handling. As is customary, we will find the dark and light mode, which is already normal in Windows systems.

Windows 11 has redesigned most applications. In this section, we can mention the tool photos and paint being in sync with the language Fluent Design.

The widgets thanks to the Dock. Boasting about the new artificial intelligence they are shown to us in relation to what we do and the time of day. There is an extensive variety to choose from from Bing maps, news, and more. It will be available to third party companies.

Windows 11 and video games

After so much waiting, the old and forgotten Xbox application of Windows 10 has been replaced in Windows 11 by Game Pass. This allows us an endless number of new options such as buying, installing, uninstalling and managing your games. Windows 11 will have support for HDR on compatible computers. Which will undoubtedly offer us a notable contrast and lighting improvement for all gaming in general and for displaying content.

Microsoft’s new operating system will take into account the Direct storage so you can play your favorite titles, even faster than before.

Touch options

From Windows 8 the Tablet mode it has been nothing more than a fiasco, however, Windows 11 promises to improve this. At the aforementioned event, Microsoft promoted a lot the touch enhancements implemented in the new Windows 11. More practical ways to move windows, larger touch elements, and various optimizations for rotations were key to the talk at the conference. The touch keyboard has been completely redesigned and a smaller panel was added, just for the thumb.

Editions available for Windows 11

In Windows 11 we can find the following editions available:


-Home N




-Mixed Reality

-Pro Education

-Education N

-Pro Education N


-Pro for Workstations

-Game Edition

-Pro for Workstations N




-Game Edition

-Game Edition N


Hardware Specifications

Since the specifications of the new Microsoft operating system were released, much debate has been generated about it. Microsoft’s new operating system will leave behind many devices that will not be compatible.

Microsoft published those requirements, they changed a bit with their launch and a lot of things were transformed. Knowing in passing that Microsoft takes into account the opinion of users, We just have to wait and surely there will be some different things. Microsoft also released a support publication to find out if your computer is compatible with the new Windows 11.

The top microprocessor and GPU companies They are working on compatibility with Windows 11 like Intel and AMD. Which, apparently, plan to launch new ranges of products even more compatible than those already on the market.

Processor: minimum 1ghz clock rate with at least 2 cores on a 64-bit chip. The old 32-bit microprocessor is now obsolete for this system.


Firmware: UEFI, compatible with SECURE BOOT.

TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Graphics: DirectX 12 or later, with WDDN 2.0 driver

Screen:720p, 8-bits per color channel, minimum 9 inches diagonal.

Internet connections and Microsoft account: For Windows 11 Home you will need internet connections and a Microsoft account.

Opinions on Windows 11 and what to expect

Windows 11 is the new operating system “key” although not necessary, If you do not want to update, you can continue with Windows 10 until 2025, which will be discontinued. Its arrival at the end of this year has undoubtedly caused a visually aesthetic revolution and will contribute to improving its handling. For the gamer user it will be a great leap in comfort and without a doubt it will be the best option.

Although it will have a somewhat strong variety of requirements, they will be answered with extensive security and a new aesthetic and customization handling never seen before. How much is the security of your data and your privacy worth? How much does your comfort cost when playing, working and communicating on your computer? These questions are answered with Windows 11 and are the basis of its creation.

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