Alter, a “multifaceted” Portuguese puzzle

Deepak Gupta May 20, 2022
Updated 2022/05/20 at 6:52 PM

The Portuguese amateur studio Bald Studios is developing its second game, Alter. It is a “first-person puzzle” that seems to have all the spices to become a pleasant surprise.

Come and get to know a little more about Alter.

The Portuguese indie studio Bald Studios, composed of 4 elements, is developing its second game of the "first-person puzzle" genre, entitled Alter.

In this psychological thriller, the main character is trapped and has to escape from her captors, using different personalities to solve puzzles!

In Alter, players take on the role of Layla, the main character who is kidnapped one day while on her way home.

Layla wakes up in a small room that contains only one bed. Something is different, it seems that she can hear voices in her head, it's like she's not alone in her own body. Suddenly, a high-pitched voice comes from the loudspeaker in the corner of the room. It is explained to Layla that she has been subjected to experiments, and now two other personalities (Jack and Arthur), "Alters", are present in her body. During these experiments, a device was also inserted into Layla's brain, which allows her body to adapt to the different alters.

This device, called a polymorpher, then allows your body to adapt to the alter that is in the "driver's seat".

But Layla and her alters will not tolerate this. While by day they follow the orders of this organization, fulfilling the tests that are presented to them, by night they are exploring this mysterious place, in order to find out who is behind it all, and how they can escape.

Therefore, the player has at his disposal several different personalities that he will have to know how to use to solve the different challenges, while exploring the place where he is at night, in order to try to understand who these people are who kidnapped them. The game also has a realistic art style, and has a strong narrative edge.

As you may have already noticed, the main mechanic of the game consists of polymorphism, through which the player can change his physical form according to the personality that is in charge of the situation.

Much of the game is based on physical and psychological puzzles, leading the player to try to identify in which situation each alter is stronger, or more useful. There is also a variation between explicit and implicit puzzles, which helps the player to apply what he has learned in more difficult situations.

This project started with the idea of ​​creating a game that took cooperation between characters to another level. What if the player has a goal, but different ways to achieve it? With Alter, Bald Studios’ goal was “create a unique narrative experience, which presented a strong synergy with the puzzles presented throughout the game”, citing André Figueira, Narrative and Level Designer of the project.

Bald Studios is a small independent studio, created with the aim of creating several games for academic purposes for Universidade Lusófona. This studio is composed of 4 elements, André Figueira, Narrative and Level Designer, Rodrigo Marques, Lead 3D Artist, and João Matos and Hugo Carvalhos as developers/programmers.

You can see more information about Alter on here.

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