Amazon: Alexa & Echo can do more – many people don’t even know 3 extras

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 7:22 AM

A lot can be done with the popular smart speaker. The countless Alexa voice commands and Alexa skills now allow a range of functions that go far beyond playing music or news. However, if you are already sufficiently supplied with it, you have another possibility to use the abilities of Amazon’s Echo to expand.

Optimize Amazon’s Echo and Alexa: This accessory helps

The smart speakers from Amazon come in different versions (dot, sub, show, spot) and are all equipped with Amazon’s Alexa. This is enough for third-party providers to develop a whole range of accessories, including practical ones such as power packs, rechargeable batteries and protective films, but also some funny and unusual products.

#1 Amazon Echo mounts

You can use Amazon’s Alexa not only at home but also in the car. There are Echo Auto and corresponding mounts for your vehicle. But the loudspeaker can also be installed on the wall or elsewhere in your own four walls.

#2 Better air quality with Alexa

The following accessory is not directly for the Smart Speaker itself, but for Amazon’s Alexa: the Smart Air Quality Monitor. It is produced by Amazon itself and, according to the manufacturer, can “make indoor air values ​​understandable”. You can “Add voice control by pairing it with an Alexa device” and then keep an eye on the air quality in your home.

#3 Make Echo a night light

With the Echo Flex you can plug your speaker directly into the socket, for example in the hallway. Additional devices can then be connected via USB ports. So also the following night light. Note: The Echo Flex is considered one of the worse representatives of the Echo series, but the quality is completely sufficient for simple weather and news queries.

  • Display: Echo Flex and accessories (including night light)

#4 Fun stand for Echo

If you want to live out your fan spirit, you can do something good for yourself with a Star Wars-inspired stand for the smart speaker. He turns your device into the head of Grogu, the iconic character from The Mandalorian. This provides at least a visual change.

The list of Amazon Echo accessories or additional items for Alexa is of course much longer. If you want to upgrade your smart speaker, you will at least find various options.

But you can also spice up your speaker in other ways. With an Alexa voice command, you unlock “Super Mode”. On the other hand, you can optimize the device via the software. So it helps to simply disable some Amazon Alexa settings.

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