Amazon Announces New Features for Alexa, Ring, Fire TV and More at CES 2022

Deepak Gupta January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 6:28 PM

THE Amazon is one of the companies that is not present in person at CES 2022, but that didn’t stop her from presenting the news for her products. The highlight goes to the alexa and your participation as virtual assistant on the mission Artemis I, gives NASA, which will be released on March 12th. Along with that, there are news for the Fire TV in vehicles, new features in the Ring Alarm and partnership with the car manufacturer Stellantis.

“Alexa, fly me to the moon”

The sentence above would make a nice advertisement in the voice of Frank Sinatra, singer of the song Fly Me To The Moon. But Amazon you can contact to see the Alexa virtual assistant play the song after answering the request of a astronaut. The company will have its virtual assistant present on the mission Artemis I, first mission of NASA in his project to take people to the moon again. THE alexa will be tested in its normal, wizard function, integrated in the Orion, spacecraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Astronauts will be able to use the virtual assistant to receive real-time telemetry information such as “Alexa, what speed is Orion”, “Alexa, what temperature is the cabin”. Well Star Trek That Orion. And oh, the Artemis I will be unmanned: to test the use of the alexa a Houston-based virtual crew was developed.

Amazon Announces Partnership With Stellantis, Fire TV In Cars And Ring Update

THE Stellantis encompasses several car brands around the world, such as FIAT, Pegeuot, Citröen, Dodge, Chrysler and Alfa Romeo. In the announced partnership, the car manufacturer will use the servers of the AWS, service of Amazon, to the vehicle platform cloud. Together, the two companies worked to develop the STLA SmartCockpit, a platform that will be used in the manufacturer’s vehicles from 2024 onwards.

Speaking of cars, the Fire TV will be featured on the Jeep Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, Grand CHerokee, Chrysler Pacifica, Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. all cars from Stellantis. The project of the two companies improves the user experience through the integration between the Fire TV at home and in the car. For example, customizing the Fire TV will be applied on both platforms, in addition to being able to continue watching the series or movie in the car. No different than systems of streaming offer today on multiplatforms, such as TV to PC or PC to mobile.

THE Amazon Ring, the company’s intelligent alarm system, gained Flood and Freeze and Smoke and CO functionalities. THE Amazon also launched the Ring Alarm Glass Break, which detects glass breaks within a radius of 7 meters.


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