Amazon goes shopping again! Now it is iRobot that passes into the hands of this giant

Deepak Gupta August 6, 2022
Updated 2022/08/06 at 12:03 AM

The technological market is in constant abolition, with many companies like Amazon looking to reinforce themselves with the best there is. This is a scenario that is becoming more and more frequent and that allows the giants to grow and reinforce their proposals.

This scenario is now happening again, with an unexpected announcement. Amazon and iRobot will join forces, with the former making yet another million-dollar purchase. iRobot now passes into the hands of this Internet giant.




Amazon went to the market to get what it needs

Amazon has invested heavily in ensuring access to many important technologies, either directly or indirectly. In addition to developing its solutions, far beyond electronic commerce, it also goes to the market to get what it needs.

Which was announced shows just that, with iRobot passing into the hands of the company created by Jeff Bezos. In all, it will be 1.7 billion dollars that guarantee that the creator of the well-known Roomba vacuum cleaners passes into the hands of its new owner.

Amazon iRobot buys business

1.7 billion for the purchase of iRobot

despite been announced this deal by the two companies, not many details were known about how this will happen. The current iRobot CEO is expected to remain in the role and lead the company for years to come, under the supervision of Amazon.

Even with the agreement signed between the companies, it is not known when this transition will take place. It is also necessary that the shareholders of both companies approve the deal and that the regulatory authorities authorize the same.

Amazon iRobot buys business

A business that may seem illogical

For many this purchase may seem illogical, but the truth is that iRobot was having financial problems in recent months. Its most recent results showed huge losses that the company did not seem to be able to recover.

By going under the control of Amazon, iRobot ends 32 years of independence, where it created many devices that completely changed the way we clean. Amazon intends to maintain this spirit and guarantee even more resources so that it can grow and compete in an increasingly competitive market.

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