Amazon Prime: New subscription model introduced – it brings an extra advantage

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 18, 2021
Updated 2021/12/18 at 6:47 AM

It is well known that Amazon customers with a subscription enjoy significantly more benefits than “normal” users. It is not without reason that over 200 million people worldwide pay for the fee-based Amazon Prime membership. Recently, however, there was a change that now offers you even more, namely 50 percent savings.

Amazon Prime: New discount for subscribers: inside

If you have not yet signed up to Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of an additional discount in a special case. The company has recently started offering a another subscription model that costs just 3.99 euros per month. Customers usually pay: 7.99 euros per month or 69 euros per year (the equivalent of 5.75 euros per month). This saves 50 percent of the original costs.

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The only condition: The discounted offer is only valid for those interested who are exempt from broadcasting fees or who have a social passport. If you are qualified for the 50 percent discounted Prime membership, you can verify yourself for it directly on Amazon. The subscription expires automatically after 12 months, then a renewed proof of the mentioned conditions is required.

More Amazon Prime models in the works

The new offer is currently only available to potential customers who are domiciled in Germany. After all, the 30-day, free trial period also applies here. According to its own statement, it should not remain the only model of its kind.

“We are continuously working on offering additional verification options.”

So far, students have already been able to take advantage of a cheaper subscription. With Prime Student, they do not pay a fee for the first six months and then only pay 50 percent of the usual price.

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For all regular customers, on the other hand, there are numerous extra advantages. For example, as a member of Amazon Prime, you will regularly receive products for free.

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