Amazon Prime Video: A brand new series has been canceled in a flash

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 6:56 PM

If a series format is based on a fairly popular film, it can quickly go wrong. Apparently that had to happen too Amazon Prime Video admit. After just one season and eight episodes, it was at least certain that the series “I know what you did last summer”, which only started on October 15, 2021, will come to a quick end. Other series, on the other hand, were lucky and will receive more seasons in 2022.

Prime Video drops horror series: critics are not convinced

It was only a few days into the new year when the news broke that the teenage horror series would not be continued after the first season, as Deadline reported at the time.

The format, produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures TV, was not very popular after the first four of the eight episodes. The planned advance into the segment of young adults seems to have failed at first.

“I know what you did last summer” is based on the book of the same name by Lois Duncan from 1973 and the actually popular film adaptation from 1997. The focus here is also on several young people who, a year after a fatal accident, are killed by a mysterious murderers are haunted.

These Amazon Prime Video series are returning in 2022

Thankfully, not every new series on Prime Video shares the fate of the teen horror adaptation. As Rotten Tomatoes lists, there are a number of formats that are starting this year with second and third seasons:

Series on Amazon Prime Video that will continue in 2022

  • good omens: Season 2
  • invincible: Season 2 & 3
  • making the cut: Season 2
  • modern love: Season 2
  • The Outlaws: Season 2
  • undone: Season 2
  • Upload: Season 2

Since the corresponding new seasons have only just been announced, it will still be a while before you can watch the titles mentioned in the sequel. If you don’t want to wait that long, the Amazon Prime Video series and films in February 2022 are a good choice.

Sources: Deadline, Rotten Tomatoes

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