Amazon Prime Video: One thing just changed

Deepak Gupta February 5, 2022
Updated 2022/02/05 at 11:05 AM

Even for a giant like Amazon the competition in the field of online films and series is not easy to manage. Especially competitor Netflix has Prime video ahead in many things. However, not even this can compete with an advantage.

Prime Video vs. the competition: Now Amazon is on top

While you can watch all of the platform’s content on Netflix for a monthly fee, you pay less for Amazon Prime Video, but you have to pay extra for some films and series.

When it comes to user numbers, however, it is very clear which provider is really the most popular in Germany. Because while Netflix is ​​probably the largest streaming service in the world, Prime Video has managed to reach the top of the popularity scale in this country.

As Der Spiegel reports, the research company Ampere Analytics has presented a corresponding list of the current subscriber numbers. Accordingly, Amazon is not only ahead of Netflix in absolute numbers. The growth in user base in 2021 is also significantly higher for Prime Video.

Current users (and growth in 2021)

  • Amazon Prime Video: 12.6 million (+1.4 million)
  • Netflix: 9.6 million (+ 300,000)

Amazon success thanks to a special advantage

The reason for the development is understandable. One thing that Prime Video offers is something Netflix has a hard time replicating. If you choose Amazon, you also have Prime membership, which gives you various advantages that go far beyond pure streaming. These include regular free products for Amazon Prime members, but also five other services hidden in Amazon Prime.

Sources: Der Spiegel

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