Analyst: New iPhone could relax Android users

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 17, 2021
Updated 2021/12/17 at 3:57 AM

For years, Apple and Android competitors such as Samsung have been in a bitter head-to-head race. When it comes to software and hardware, the models of the industry leaders are often on par. Still: a new iPhone could induce many Android users to switch. The JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee sees great potential in the iPhone SE (2022).

New iPhone SE is set to outperform Android phones

Especially Samsung and Huawei, which are strongly represented in the middle price segment, could suffer from the release of the iPhone SE 5G. According to Chatterjee, the new iPhone has the potential to poach around 1.4 billion users from Android phones. It could also be of interest to a good 300 million people who are currently using older Apple models.

“Apple’s non-iPhone trade-in program may not be as attractive as its iPhone trade-in values, but it could still result in an average starting price range of $ 269 to $ 399 for the 5G iPhone SE, which is still very competitive.”

Samik Chatterjee (via Reuters)

The iPhone SE 5G is expected to hit the market in the first half of 2022. According to various reports, the smartphone will be equipped with Apple’s A14 or A15 chipset. In addition, it has a 4.7-inch LCD display and has retained the design of the iPhone 8. At a later date, a variant with a larger screen will also come onto the market.

What is Apple planning for 2022?

Overall, the developer from Cupertino, California, is to plan five new iPhones for the coming year. In addition to the iPhone SE 5G, this includes the different versions of the iPhone 14 – you can find all the rumors and leaks here.

Source: Reuters

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