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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 17, 2022
Updated 2022/07/17 at 10:56 PM

Because our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we have chosen some articles published over the past week that reflect the most relevant aspects of the technological world at Pplware.

We talked about the new Nothing phone (1), from the Hyundai IONIQ 6, we reviewed the Xiaomi Book S 12.4, and much more.

Samsung has in One UI its user interface for its smartphones, with Android as a base. The One UI 5 version should be released later this month, but the first images have already started to appear on the internet.

See what the new One UI 5 based on Android 13 will look like.

One UI 5 based on Android 13 for Samsung smartphones will look like this

We have known the many facets that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system can take on. This time, the technology was able to produce a complete scientific article, respecting all the rules required by the registration.

The quality of the work and the willingness to publish it raised questions of ethics in the world of research.

AI system wrote a scientific paper about itself

Portugal has also "given the cards" in the space area. Researchers from the University of Aveiro have been working, since 2020, on an energy project on a prototype of a satellite that is now in the museum of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Plans call for a modular constellation of satellites that will orbit the Moon directly overhead.

UA prepares satellites to power future lunar station

It took several decades of design and construction, followed by 6 months of calibration of its instruments in space and alignment of its mirrors that led to this historic moment for the James Webb telescope. This high-precision tool has now shown its ability and revealed the first image it ever captured to the world.

This is just the first of a batch of spectacular images that will soon be shown to the world. With this first revelation, the James Webb telescope brought the deepest view of the Universe ever.

James Webb telescope universe image galaxies

Xiaomi took a big step when it showed its latest products. In addition to the obvious Mi Band 7, the brand also revealed a device that could soon be another success story for the brand. We're talking about the Xiaomi Book S, a tablet that is actually also a laptop.

This is a format that has gained supporters and the question is always obvious. Is this a tablet or a laptop? Pplware has already had access to this new equipment and now reveals everything there is to know about this excellent machine.

Xiaomi Book S portable tablet equipment

The launch of Nothing's first smartphone has been generating a lot of public curiosity. A mid/high range model was expected, with unique specifications for the segment and, above all, with a bold design.

The design was already more than explored... but on the inside, what does the Nothing phone (1) have to offer?

Nothing phone (1) - The smartphone that wants to make a difference has arrived

Science never ceases to amaze us and researchers are constantly looking for and reinventing ways to guarantee more years of life with higher quality. This time, a team transplanted genetically modified pig hearts into the bodies of dead people.

The transplant was a success and, once again, opens new doors in the direction of a technology that could solve the problems of organ supply.

pig heart

The Sun is in its 25th cycle and when it started, researchers immediately warned that this new 11-year period would not be as calm as the last one that ended in late 2019. Some events, such as the solar flare of the M4 class .4, or as a class X explosion, which occurred in 2021. Now, scientists are concerned about a giant sunspot and filaments on the solar surface.

Astronomers know that such phenomena can trigger possible Earth-directed solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that could cause severe damage to Earth.

Illustration solar eruption against Earth

Alongside Augmented, Virtual Reality (VR) opens up a world of possibilities in various fields. Therefore, in addition to other applications associated with retail, and medicine, for example, technology can help patients with phobias to be cured with a specific treatment.

The study revealed that the use of VR as a treatment can be a success.

Virtual Reality (VR)

IONIQ has now received the Electrified Streamliner under the motto “Awaken Your World”. The new model features a set of advanced technologies, features and personalized spaces and high autonomy.

All this promises to redefine the limits of electric mobility.

Hyundai's IONIQ 6 Electrified Streamliner

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