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Deepak Gupta July 31, 2022
Updated 2022/07/31 at 10:47 PM

Because our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we chose some articles published over the past week that reflect the most relevant things that were said in the technological and scientific world at Pplware.

We talked about a lot of news coming from NASA, new “black box” technology in cars, we tried the Nothing phone (1) and the Hyundai i20 1.0 T-GDi, and much more.

THE doogee is already a benchmark in the segment of rugged smartphones, the rugged phones. This new Doogee S89 Pro model hits the market at the end of the month alongside another series of smartwatches and a Doogee S61 model that stands out for having a version with a transparent cover on the back.

The Doogee S89 Pro has all the certifications associated with typical rugged smartphones, it has a 6.3" FullHD screen and a 12000 mAh battery with 65W charging... but there's more.

In Portugal, it is estimated that there are about 200,000 people with dementia, of which 60 to 80% have Alzheimer's. Having this disease means progressively losing mental function, characterized by the degeneration of brain tissue. As such, early detection is critical in your treatment, but this is not always possible. Now, a team of German researchers has developed a new sensor capable of identifying signs of the disease in the blood 17 years before it manifests itself in the first clinical symptoms.

according to one Press release of the responsible institution, the device detects the misfolding of the beta-amyloid protein biomarker that causes characteristic deposits in the brain.

Illustration of a person with Alzheimer's

New technologies not only increase the efficiency and durability of photovoltaic cells and modules, but are also tangibly changing their relationship with the environment. It is also true that today, on land and on "the sea" or on the waters of a reservoir, we already see giant structures of panels capturing energy. It's not pretty to look at and there will one day be consequences if you don't think about harmony between nature and man's technology. One solution will be vertical solar panels.

Possibly there will already be an interesting alternative in this technology.

Farmhouse image with vertical solar panels

It's NASA's job to investigate what's around, but also beyond Earth, at distances that seem inconceivable to us. Now, the US space agency has unveiled an ambitious plan to detect signs of life on distant planets.

The project was presented by a team and supported by NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts.


Talking on smartphones nowadays is talking on Nothing phone (1). This device has received a lot of attention from the media, perhaps because it is very similar to an iPhone, in terms of design, for being from Carl Pei's company (ex. OnePlus) and for being a little transparent on the back.

Pplware recently received this equipment for testing. Find out about our first impressions.

Logitech recently announced exciting news for gamers, male or female, who want to be seen like everyone else. In particular, the new Aurora collection by Logitech G was launched, which promises to be inclusive and empower all players to play in their own way.

The new collection has several interesting products, including wireless headphones, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and eight other personalized accessories. One of the strengths of these new devices is the fact that they do not have a gender-discriminatory design, among other factors.

SpaceX already has more than 2500 satellites in low Earth orbit providing internet through the Starlink service. Global, flexible, with no loyalty contract and increasingly comprehensive. This service could become a problem for conventional operators and for satellite communications services that already exist on the market. Unless a merger can "stop" Elon Musk's momentum. And the Europe project may already be underway.

Paris-based Eutelsat Communications SA has reached an agreement to acquire Britain's OneWeb Global. This merger, which will combine the companies' internet satellite fleets, could create greater competition for Starlink.

Satellite illustration for constellation in Europe competing with SpaceX's Starlink

The smartphone market continues to grow, but it seems that we are in a period of stagnation of innovation. More component/less component, smartphones offer almost the same within the segment where they are classified.

But Vivo, with the X80 Pro "has taken it a step further" and we finally have a smartphone that "offers something more".

Although we are still far from knowing much about Samsung's future Galaxy S23, these smartphones are already starting to be an important topic. There are many specifications that are being advanced and that show what they will bring.

Something that has raised some questions is which SoC will be used and whether Samsung's proposals will be present. Qualcomm's CEO will have revealed everything now, in a simple presentation of the company's results.

Qualcomm Samsung Galaxy S23 Snapdragon Exynos

Technology aimed at the automotive segment has evolved a lot. Vehicle safety is a priority and in this sense the brands are aware that they have to do something. Since July 6th, it has become mandatory for cars to have an ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance) system, that is, an intelligent speed assistant and also a black box style.

But what will this black box register?

The world, as we know it, will be very different in a few years, as it was in the past compared to today. And these changes are more visible in the technological world, where discoveries and innovations happen with incredible speed.

Thus, it is now known that AMD is analyzing photonic technology for transmitting data between chips at the speed of light. And this possibility will certainly open new doors and significantly innovate the market and the technology industry.

Although much is said about electrification, car manufacturers continue to produce good combustion cars, guaranteeing an answer to those who do not want to join the electric wave for now. This new Hyundai i20 is powered by gasoline and promises to spread extra style on the roads.

Pplware couldn't fail to test it and… yes, it's a car for everyday use that doesn't compromise, mainly because of its simplicity and functionality.

Hyundai i20 1.0 T-GDi: Style and simplicity on wheels

A study suggests that there is an element present in everyday foods with a surprising ability to help stave off a range of hereditary cancers.

Resistant starch seems to be successful because, exactly, it resists.

cancer illustration

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