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Deepak Gupta August 7, 2022
Updated 2022/08/07 at 10:06 PM

Because our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we have chosen some articles published over the past week that reflect the most relevant aspects of the technological world at Pplware.

We talked about the launch of the new OnePlus 10T 5G smartphone, the 200 MP Samsung sensor that will arrive with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, we noted several advances in science, and much more.

Power Stations are devices that guarantee the power of numerous equipment, with high power, but in this case, they are compact without compromising capacity.

The Bluetti AC500 and B300S models emerge as true heavy-duty power stations (domestic use, and beyond) and are more powerful and even more adaptable to different actions.

Bluetti AC500 and B300S Power Stations - a complete battery system

There is a phenomenon that agitates the scientific class. Researchers were stunned after discovering that the Earth rotates faster than usual. This behavior makes the days shorter than usual. The phenomenon has already been addressed in the past and since then the values ​​of rotational speed have increased.

New measurements made by the UK's National Physical Laboratory show that the Earth is currently spinning faster than it was half a century ago.

Earth globe image

It has been rumored for some time that Xiaomi had a MIUI update to be prepared soon, but it never took shape. This should fit between the current version, MIUI 13 and the next version, MIUI 14, but it has taken a while to be effectively released.

With work already being prepared for the next major version, it now comes by surprise from Xiaomi. It revealed MIUI 13.1, the new version of its customization, but now based on Android 13, something that was not expected.

Xiaomi MIUI 13.1 Android 13

Once again, let's get to know a successful case that combined medicine with technology. In this case, directly from Brazil, two conjoined twins were separated using the help of Virtual Reality (VR).

The surgery was a success and the twins are currently in the hospital, recovering well.

Siamese twins

Only two weeks have passed since we read and heard about the discovery, by the James Webb telescope, of what would be, at the time, the oldest and most distant galaxy seen by humans. However, that information may have been a short-lived record.

An international team led by researchers from the edinburgh university identified what may be the oldest and most distant galaxy observed to date.

James Webb is a time machine and makes history by discovering another

Samsung will present its foldable smartphones Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 within a few days. Despite the fact that the sale of foldable smartphones is on the rise, work on traditional lines does not stop and the beginning of 2023 will bring the already usual top smartphones Galaxy S where the star will be the Galaxy S23 Ultra with S Pen.

Rumors begin to surface and one of the cameras could be surprising.

Samsung will launch new 200 MP photo sensor for Galaxy S23 Ultra

OnePlus finally returned to public events after three years, because of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The new OnePlus 10T 5G smartphone is evidently the star of this event that debuts the new OxygenOS 13 user interface based on Android 12.

Come and discover the news.

That climate change is effectively messing with the world we all realize. In this sense, a new report warns that we must begin to prepare ourselves for the possibility that its consequences will end our civilization.

This is not the first report that points to climate change as the engine for the end of human life on Earth.

Result of climate change

Until now, the competition in the graphics card market was almost exclusively from the undisputed leader Nvidia and AMD. However, Intel recently chose not to be a competitor only in the processor market and thus decided to advance and also bet on the graphics card segment, through the Arc Alchemist line.

In this way, these devices are already a reality and recently the Taiwanese brand ASRock officially announced its model of the Intel Arc A380 Challenge ITX GPU.

Smartphones are big machines... so the beefier models are even bigger machines. And the bigger the screen, the bigger the whole structure will be. That's why many still try to find the increasingly scarce models with screens below 5 "and the Cubot KingKong Mini2 Pro is one of the options.

Get to know the details of this rugged phone.

Cubot KingKong Mini2 Pro - the rugged phone with just 4

With such a vast universe "around us", there will possibly be a star that has in its habitable zone, where temperatures are supported by life, as we know it, that could one day welcome humans on Earth. In that sense, a Super-Earth planet has been found close to the habitable zone of a red dwarf star just 37 light-years from our own.

This is the first discovery of a new instrument in the Subaru Telescope and offers an opportunity to investigate the possibility of life on planets around nearby stars. With such a successful first result, we can expect the Subaru Telescope to discover more, potentially even better, candidates for habitable planets around red dwarfs.

Illustration of the Super-Earth and its red dwarf star

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