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Deepak Gupta May 22, 2022
Updated 2022/05/22 at 10:06 PM

Because our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we chose some articles published over the past week that reflect the most relevant things that were said in the technological and scientific world at Pplware.

We talked about all the news from Huawei’s presentation, the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, what the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 can bring, and much more.

The problem of carbon dioxide is not just in the air, and the oceans also have a worrying accumulation. So a startup developed a method and installed the first structure capable of removing CO2 from water.

The company says its technology can capture carbon dioxide at a cost of $475 per ton.

carbon dioxide removal structure

The new graphics engine from the creator Epic Games is called Unreal Engine 5 and is currently the most popular in this segment. The latest information indicates that there are already more than 100 studios developing their games on this graphics platform, but there is still a lot to discover about its potential.

In this way, now a group of artists have come together and created a fabulous video where they show the full power of Unreal Engine 5. So come see and draw your own conclusions.

Devices for listening to music are increasingly accessible, considering the wireless segment. Bluetooth technology and the headphones' integrated processors provide greater reliability and lower latency, ensuring that what is heard is of great quality without delays and Tronsmart has been standing out in this segment.

Today we highlight the new Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro earbuds available for around €30.

Earbuds Tronsmart Onyx Ace Pro - listen to your music for around €30

The aurora borealis is an optical phenomenon composed of a glow observed in the night skies in the polar regions, as a result of the impact of solar wind particles with the Earth's upper atmosphere, channeled by the Earth's magnetic field. Roughly speaking, it is the result of the Earth defending itself from the "attacks" of the Sun. Although this phenomenon is very popular because of the colors it produces in the polar skies, the truth is that many of them happen invisibly. The sound they produce has finally been captured.

An investigator managed to record the sound near the Finnish village of Fiskars. The result shows more common noises than imagined and that can sound even without lights.

Aurora borealis image that produce a sound

Huawei has been taking an important role in the smartphone world. Their proposals are more interesting and offer unique capabilities in this area.

In the continuation of this increasingly interesting scenario, Huawei has again prepared news in this area. It now has new proposals for the global market, targeting many areas. That's why it's time to get to know Huawei's new and powerful smartwatches here

Don't miss the presentation of Huawei's powerful smartwatches and other news

The mission that will take humanity to Mars is not that far off. However, we are still a few decades away from forming a base and having people there permanently. This week, NASA released a draft with an already sketched idea of ​​what a 30-day mission to the Red Planet will look like.

The ship that will transport humans to the planet will also be their home, resting on the Martian soil.

NASA finally shows us how two astronauts will live on Mars (video)

Insomnia can be a very disabling problem, as it makes it difficult to do what is the task that recharges us. For those who suffer from this condition, there are pills available and now also an application based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the UK.

In fact, it is possible that this application will replace drugs.

Insomnia, difficulty sleeping

As expected, Qualcomm today presented news in terms of mobile platforms. The top line has been renewed, with an even more powerful and economical model, with the launch of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1.

In addition, for the upper mid-range, the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 was launched with features for the gaming universe.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1: Qualcomm introduced the new high-performance processor

There has been talk for some time about the Mi Band 7 and the possibility that Xiaomi will present it soon. This should follow the line of previous models, improving the offer it brings to the public in terms of hardware.

This should soon be a reality, according to information now revealed. The Mi Band 7 already has a presentation date and should not reach the market alone, with more news from Xiaomi to appear on that date.

Mi Band 7 Xiaomi Redmi Note 11T hardware

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft docked for the first time with the International Space Station this Friday (Saturday morning in Portugal). As has been said, this unmanned mission was an important test for the company, which has the ambition to compete with Elon Musk's SpaceX. So, this Saturday morning, just over 25 hours after launch, the capsule arrived at the International Space Station (ISS).

Starline will remain linked to the ISS for four or five days. Then, as planned, the capsule will travel back to Earth and land in New Mexico.

Boeing Starliner capsule illustration

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