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Deepak Gupta June 12, 2022
Updated 2022/06/12 at 10:58 PM

Because our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we have chosen some articles published over the past week that reflect the most relevant aspects of the technological world at Pplware.

We covered all the news from the Apple WWDC 22 event, followed the C-DAYS 2022 cybersecurity event, analyzed the Doogee S98 Pro smartphone, and much more.

From today until June 10th, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place. This event starts today directly from Apple Park with a broadcast to the world, where the company's software news will be announced. In addition to iOS 16 for the iPhone, there will also be news for iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS... and who knows if there won't be room for realityOS?...

From 18 pm we will be following the news live. Join us and share your opinion about all the news.

Apple WWDC 22: Come and meet the new iOS 16 and all the other news live

Tesla's Cybertruck is one of the brand's great promises, but it's taking a while to be fulfilled. Despite the delays we already know, the Italian IDRA has now shown the colossal equipment that will give it shape.

This 9,000-ton press will do the bodywork for the vehicle.

IDRA press being used for Cybertruck bodywork

Technology is increasingly present and it is not just on the road or in the air that history is made. A subsidiary of Hyundai, Avikus, carried out the world's first transoceanic voyage using autonomous navigation.

The Prism Courage vessel successfully completed the course.

Prism Courage, the ship that made the first autonomous voyage

The European Union has long debated the standardization of charging devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. The challenges are great given the diversity of the market, but even so, the law is beginning to be designed.

Some more relevant information regarding the common charger has just been announced, with a date set for the end of the transition.

European Union: USB Type-C will be mandatory in smartphones and charger will be sold separately

Finding a smartphone that meets the most demanding consumer needs is not easy. Having a smartphone that can withstand drops, water, bumps or temperature variations is a requirement for many people with physically demanding jobs. In addition, these jobs may not allow you to charge your smartphone at any time, and a large battery will also make all the difference.

In this sense, we highlight the IIIF150 Air1 Pro model with a very affordable launch price.

IIIF150 Air1 Pro - a new rugged smartphone for €160

C-DAYS was designed to share knowledge, promote debate, identify trends and generate opportunities in the field of cybersecurity, being a forum of choice for the thousands of people who have accompanied us over the years and actively contributed to the consolidation of this initiative. .

The 8th edition of C-DAYS, dedicated to the theme “Betting on Prevention”, has already started and Pplware will present the main topics under debate.

Originally released in 1981, The Evil Dead (created by Sam Raimi) has become a cult film that over these 4 decades has seen several sequels hit the big screen.

In fact, the Evil Dead universe has remained so alive that, in the meantime, it has migrated to other platforms, such as television and video games. And it is precisely from the most recent video game, Evil Dead: The Game that we have tried and shown you below.

These days, when we talk about Russia, we immediately associate it with the war and invasion of Ukraine. However, the country continues its path parallel to the conflict, thus having to adapt and overcome the sanctions imposed by the United States and several European countries.

In this way, the latest information indicates that the country of Vladimir Putin has now created its first portable computer called Bitblaze Titan BM15. Let's get to know this news a little better.

Technology has given a lot of itself, when combined with science, and, in a world premiere, a team of researchers managed to clone pigs, using only an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system.

Seven healthy piglets came to the world, opening new doors for meat consumption.


With the mass arrival of electric cars, all the major brands have adapted their plans. They want to eliminate the combustion engine and already have well-defined dates for this moment that will come soon.

The European Parliament has now come to give precise help and has set a well-defined goal for this movement. In Europe, cars with combustion engines will not be sold after 2035.

combustion engine european parliament cars

The offer of robust smartphones has been growing and the proposals are able to respond not only to the demands of resistance and autonomy, but also of performance, photographic quality and even in terms of viewing content itself, with increasingly better screens. Doogee is one of the manufacturers that stands out in this segment and today we bring the analysis to the Doogee S98 Pro.

Come and see the details of this model that has just hit the market.

Review: rugged phone Doogee S98 Pro thermal camera

Robots are, for humans, a facilitator, performing more difficult and heavy tasks. However, currently, robots are going further and being developed for less technical purposes. In this case, a group of researchers has developed a skin that will allow sex robots to feel sensations like humans.

Are human beings really ready for this?

Robots and sex

Razer is one of the strongest companies in terms of equipment for the gaming segment. With an enviable portfolio, the North American brand continues to regularly launch interesting novelties on the market for consumers who are fans of this sector.

In this way, the company has now launched its new Razer Kishi V2 accessory, to bring the entire console experience to your Android smartphone, while recreating the way gaming is done on these devices.

Gas turbines can be found everywhere, but as the world transitions to zero emissions, features have to adapt or be left behind. Now, researchers at the University of Stavanger have announced that they have successfully developed a method for using pure hydrogen as fuel in a gas turbine, according to a May 31 press release from the institution.

"We have set a world record in the combustion of hydrogen in micro gas turbines. No one has been able to produce at this level before", says the research leader.

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