And Why Today Is Friday

Deepak Gupta July 16, 2022
Updated 2022/07/16 at 3:01 AM

It’s hot, it’s nothing new. But we all know that, in Portugal, when it’s hot at night, fires catch firefighters sleeping and start spontaneously. They have life. They are born, they grow, they breed and then they die. Therefore, there is no doubt that the fire in our forests is a creature with a natural cycle of existence. And that’s all right, year after year… the TVs show new generations of forest fires giving birth…

Speaking of normal things now, let’s see some strange images, from another world, but that were not captured by telescopes. Yes, these appear around the corner. Good weekend.

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Inside the ZIP there are more than 100 FANTASTIC images (for men with thick beards and people in a good mood), here is the invitation to download and see the entirety of the images.

And because today is Friday v755 [23MB]



One day the lion, the king of the jungle, decides to go on vacation and leaves everything to the sheep.
The sheep was passing by when the wolf arrived riding a motorcycle, without a helmet. The wolf and the sheep didn't get along very well with each other, and the sheep decided to take advantage of this time.
Tell him to stop, slap him and say:
- Go get the helmet!
- But...but...but...
- Shut up and get the helmet!
And off the wolf went, but the next day the same thing happens, and so on for a week. So the wolf, full of bandages and bandages, calls the lion to tell him what happened.
The lion says he's going to talk to the sheep:
- Hello, sheep! I hear you're beating up the wolf just for a little helmet. But why don't you come up with a better reason to hit him? I already know! How about if you asked him for a glass of wine, if he gives you white wine you hit him because you wanted red, if he gives you red, you hit him because you wanted white.
- Good idea! That's exactly what I'm going to do!
The next day the wolf goes on the motorcycle, the sheep tells him to stop and he was already all curled up:
- Don't hit me!
Don't hit me!
- Do not worry. I won't hit you. Give it to me but it's a glass of wine.
- White or red?
The sheep slaps him:
- Go get the helmet!

A 10-year-old boy was watching his mother taking a shower and asked her what was between her hairy legs.
- It's a toothbrush! replied the mother.
The kid didn't say anything, and suddenly burst out laughing!
The mother asked him what he was laughing about, and the boy replied:
- Oh mother, yesterday I saw the father using the maid's brush!

A blonde leaves a bar drunk, trips and falls under a cow. After sucking all 4 tits she asks:
- Which one of you takes me home?

In the middle of the jungle with terrible heat, the only existing bar has a row of kilometers.
A rabbit runs to the side of the queue but when it reaches the lion's side, it is kicked and the lion says to it:
- Go to the end of the line!!
The rabbit passes the lion's side and continues to run to the front of the line. He passes by the tiger and he gives him another kick and sends him to the end of the line.
The scene is repeated with the crocodile.
The rabbit, already tired of being kicked and sent to the end of the line, then shouts:
- If they continue like this, I won't open the bar!!!

Once the father took his 3 children to wrestling.
Then the middle asks:
- Who is winning??.
the father replies:
- It's the one on top.
One day at home, the kids hear their parents' bed hitting the bedroom wall and go to see it. They peeked through the lock and the youngest says:
- Look, Mom is winning.
The middle says:
- Look, now it's daddy.
And the youngest says:
- Now they took a break.
- Because? - asked the other two!
The youngest responds:
- Mom is eating ice cream!!

This section has the support of our reader João Pimentel


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