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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 29, 2022
Updated 2022/07/29 at 4:40 PM

Funny how the art world behaves. As we are in a humor section, bringing the “mouth” that São José Lapa sent to the great Pedro Abrunhosa is… to laugh. The woman, who has a much less showy career than Abrunhosa, who will go down in the history of the artistic world, but a few steps below Pedro, said that “My voice is NOT your voice Pedro Abrunhosa… … Never!”

Here, we have to invoke Jorge Palma, probably for the scenes and such… but above all for the theme “Let me laugh“. Ahh great Pedro Abrunhosa, yes Putin go to that side you said so well. Your voice, great voice, great posture, is that of many, and certainly of many who don’t even know who São José Lapa is. , today we bring you a Lapas stew… with salt, coarse salt!

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Inside the ZIP there are more than 100 FANTASTIC images (for men with thick beards and people in a good mood), here is the invitation to download and see the entirety of the images.

And because today is Friday v757 [16MB]



A Portuguese who emigrated to Brazil a few years ago has now come to Portugal on vacation. On the beach, he met an old friend who congratulated him on the success of his activity and the great fortune he had achieved.

The guy thanked him and said:
- Look, at first, it was very hard, but then I formed a partnership with a very rich Brazilian. He came in with the money and I came in with the experience.

Ask the other:
- And that was such a profitable business for you?!

Reply to the other:
- Very profitable indeed! When, later, we ended the partnership, I took the money and he took the experience…

A Portuguese emigrated to France is spending a vacation in Portugal, at a sister's house, somewhere in the north. He says to his three little nephews:
- I have some chocolate bars here to give to my nephews who are from Benfica.
The kids scream almost in unison:
- I'm from Benfica! I'm from Benfica! I'm from Benfica!
And the uncle asks them:
- So tell me why you are from Benfica.
Answers the older man:
- I'm from Benfica because it's the best in the world and the only one that has the Latin Cup!
Answer the kid in the middle:
- I'm from Benfica because it's the Portuguese club with the most members.
Says the youngest kid:
- I'm from Benfica because I really like chocolate…
Children don't lie!

Three Europeans go to the far reaches of the Amazon and are captured by a tribe of cannibals.
The three men ask for their last wish to be granted.
English: – I want to smoke my pipe for the last time.
Cannibal: – OK.
French: – I want to eat well for the last time.
Cannibal: – OK.
English: – I want to eat strawberries.
Cannibal: – But this time of year there are no strawberries.
English: – It doesn't matter. I wait.

Portuguese emigrant in Switzerland goes to a hotel to feel the snow. This hotel was the only one in that instance and it housed skiers. On the wall was a sign that reported the conditions of the snow:
-> Neuchatel, 12 cm, soft;
-> Lausanne, 18 cm, slippery;
-> Schaffhausen, 15 cm, consistent.
Now, someone wrote:
-> António Silva (emigrant), 24 cm, hard.

An emigrant armed in franciú was walking in Ribeira when he saw a man carrying his dog. The emigrant stooped down to pet the dog and the following dialogue develops in the French of an emigrant and the Portuguese of a guy from Puerto:
- Uh there there! The votre chien is very beautiful!Comment sapelle o seu chien?
-Look at me, this mutt of shit armed with a must think that only he knows how to speak a foreigner...wait a minute, I'll fuck you up! Look, the animal is an abec!
- Avec?!
-Yeah, fuck, abec!
- But...but...avec in French means "with"...
- So this is what the fuck? A chicken ?! No! It's a coum!

This section has the support of our reader João Pimentel


Let's start with amazing images

So much magic in this illusion... fantastic trick

Man catches a child who fell from the 5th floor

Summer storm destroys restaurant in seconds

And failures that remind no one?

Elephant takes a friendly approach to "gamar" sugar cane

Sailor Bruno Queirós watches a unique moment on the Tagus: the birth of a dolphin

Boat launch into water could have gone very wrong

When you hire idiots to do the work

Whale falls on top of a boat while trying to eat

Things I don't know if I believe happened around here

Video filmed on Saturday shows a helicopter used in the filming of the movie "Fast X

Attack of a white shark... this one was born again!

Colombian police burned a ton of drugs in the open and neighbors were stunned

When everything doesn't even go wrong... but it doesn't even go well either

Now some videos from another part of the planet

When you know what you're doing at work

like a boss


what a fantastic voice


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