And Why Today Is Friday

Deepak Gupta August 5, 2022
Updated 2022/08/05 at 4:54 PM

We enter August and the country doesn’t want to know anything else. War doesn’t matter, COVID doesn’t matter, the ancient universe doesn’t matter, inflation doesn’t matter, fuel prices don’t matter… . Meanwhile, Maria, turn on the TV and the ball will start. And the rest, we’ll see when we get back from vacation. In this sense, Portuguese puts the world on pause. Calm!

Speaking of calm… today we have some summer images that will make your numb spine shiver. Here’s the tip!

see images

Inside the ZIP there are more than 100 FANTASTIC images (for men with thick beards and people in a good mood), here is the invitation to download and see the entirety of the images.

And because today is Friday v758 [22MB]



The son, already thinking about the future, tells his father:
- Dad, when I grow up I want to be a makeup artist.
The father says:
- You're not going to be a make-up artist, that's a gay profession.
For a month the son then thinks a lot and says to his father:
- Dad, I want to be a hairdresser.
- No, son, that's a gay profession.
Six months later he again tells his father:
- Dad, I decided I want to be a dancer.
- No, my son, this is a gay profession.
Moral: I'm 30 now, I'm gay and I don't know how to do shit.

Two friends are at the door of the clinic:
So over here? What did you come here to do?
I came to take a pregnancy test!
Oh seriously? what a dry!! Did you have many questions?
The friend rolls her eyes.
So what about you, what did you come here to do?
I came to get some vaccines!
Where? the clinic!

Husband watching TV, hesitated between a channel with an explicit love scene
and another channel with an important football game.
I didn't want to miss a bit of both and switched from one channel to the other,
in a frantic zapping, unable to make up his mind. He asked the woman for advice:
- Oh daughter, which one do you think I should see?
Woman's response:
- You already know how to play football, why don't you choose the other one?

A man was in bed with his stunning new girlfriend.
After they had hot sex,
she spent a long time stroking his testicles.
Something she seemed to enjoy immensely.
He curiously asked:
- Why do you like to caress my testicles so much?
And her sweet and soft voice replied:
- Greetings from my...
Total silence...

This section has the support of our reader João Pimentel


When you go on the road and see this...

Americans are a very particular people... and there is each ONE!!!

If you don't believe in extraterrestrials, then meet this species

The world has people really burnt out of ideas

nature is amazing

Mentalist leaves the audience in ecstasy

Mário Ferreira is the first Portuguese to go into space

The Iranian HULK took a beating for real

Thief returns smartphone after victim appeals "I'm paying"

An incredible image... indescribable

Ca p...a ​​lucky. This one was born again

Images that went viral

Costinha tells the story of the tire and moves people to tears (I've watched the video 5 times)

Police helicopter tries to stop drug bundles from being stolen from a speedboat stranded on the beach

Even the dog surrendered in an operation against drug trafficking

Cat makes friends with animals he had at the vet clinic

There are images, from the war, that will stay forever

From the best of this year so far

And illusionism, do you like it?

For those who like freehand drawing...


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