And Why Today Is Friday

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta August 12, 2022
Updated 2022/08/12 at 4:21 PM

How about this vacation? Category… nothing can stop them, not even a breeze of “radiation” that can escape the Zaporijia nuclear power plant. Are those people, invaders, over in Ukraine playing SimCity? Because in the game, from time to time, we can invoke disasters, explosions to have the pleasure of rebuilding everything from the ashes. Someone take the real life tablet out of those kids’ hands!

Returning to the cold cow theme, the heat is good for the beach, the sun is great for the production of electricity… but what about water? Speaking of humidity, come see what we have today, wet and slippery!

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Inside the ZIP there are more than 100 FANTASTIC images (for men with thick beards and people in a good mood), here is the invitation to download and see the entirety of the images.

And because today is Friday v759 [18MB]



A dwarf arrives in the Amazon with a 15 centimeter ax and goes to fill out the roles to be a lumberjack.
The foreman asks him:
- Name?
- Johnny Short.
- Age?
- 25.
- Degree of experience?
- Immense. Fast, efficient and hardworking. I cut everything in an instant.
- Previous place of work?
- Saara's desert.
- Sahara? Listen there, are you making fun of me? In the Sahara there are no trees!
- There isn't now. I had to see that before I went there...

On a bus, a priest sat next to a drunk who was struggling to read the newspaper. Suddenly, with a "slurred" voice, the drunk asked the priest:
- Do you know what arthritis is?
The parish priest soon thought of taking the opportunity to lecture the drunk and replied:
- It's a disease caused by sinful and unruly life: excessive alcohol consumption, certainly lost women, promiscuity, sex, partying and other things I dare not say. The drunk widened his eyes, shut up and continued reading the newspaper. A little later the priest, thinking that he had been too hard on the drunk, tried to soften:
- How long have you had arthritis?
- I? I don't have arthritis!...
The newspaper says that whoever has it is the Pope!

It was early in the morning and the phone rings. The husband answers and, after a few seconds, says:
- How do you want me to know? If you want to know that, call the Navy!
Lying next to him, the woman asks:
- Who was love?
The husband replies:
- I do not know! It was a guy asking if the coast was clear…

A blonde was walking down the street repeating over and over:
- Living room, bedroom, kitchen… Living room, bedroom, kitchen… Living room, bedroom, kitchen…
A man, curious about the situation, intercepted the girl and asked:
- Why are you just repeating: “living room, bedroom, kitchen”?
The blonde replies:
- My husband asked me to decorate the house…

An old man complains to the doctor:
- Doctor, I'm worried... when I have sex, I hear hissing.
The doctor, with an air of joy, replies:
- And at your age what did you expect to hear? Applause???

This section has the support of our reader João Pimentel


There are people who are not well on this planet

Acrobat duo delight the world wherever they go... TOP

The cat delights in music

Plane lands almost on the eyes of the "mirones"

Police called to save a dog inside a car with temperatures of 40 degrees

There are things that only recording to believe

Another one from Cândido Costa... TAU...

DEJOUR Wreck... a floating super bar

When the human being is the animal's best friend

It looks like magic... seriously!

Background, mother and daughter as first-time aviation pilots

The game must have been really good, even the dog fell asleep

Silly Things You Can Try to Do at the Pool

Another work that leaves us delighted with so much talent

Amazing people do amazing things

Two beasts side by side to see who gets there first

Listen to the sound...

Without taking your foot off the accelerator... great performance!

Do you know how you find an idiot on the road?

An art...


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