Android 12: Best Functions and Features.

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
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Operating systems, like everything in life, evolve, generally for the better. The Android system Google for mobile phones is not far behind releasing new versions regularly. The latest version that we can find on the market is Android 12. What new features does this iconic operating system have? If you want to know everything about Android 12, keep reading, we already started.

Timeline for Android 12 release

Google tends to follow the same pattern when it comes to releasing a new version of Android. In the first months of the year release a preview of the operating system aimed at the developer community. This 2021 was not different at all from previous years. The preview Android 12 was available from February 18, 2021.

Between May 18 and 20, 2021 it was carried out the Google I / O developer conference. In the opening speech on opening day, the new features that Android 12 would have were announced. Once the speech was finished, the beta version of the new operating system was available to the public.

In the next four months, new beta versions were released, one every month. The finished official version was released in October 2021.

Android 12 compatible phones.

Welcome screen.

We start by showing you a list of the main mobile phones that circulate in the market and today they already have the new version of Android.

One of the most important guidelines in new versions of operating systems is the compatibility. Mobile phone manufacturers are always on the lookout for an operating system update. Providing high-tech equipment that can take full advantage of the functionalities of the operating system is a priority for manufacturers.

Of course, the first phones with Android 12 as an operating system are Google’s own phones. In fact, the Pixel brandThe computer giant’s flagship already has Android 12 installed on its microchips. However, we can find it on third-party devices. Here is a list of the main smartphones where you can find Android 12 installed.

Mobile phones with Android 12 operating system.

  • On the mark Pixel from Google we have versions 3, 3XL, 3a, 3aXL, 4, 4XL, 4a, 4a 5G and the Pixel 5. The Pixel 6 version leaves the factory with this version of Android.
  • For brand Asus Zenfone 8, Zenfone 8 Flip, Zenfone 7, ROG Phone 5, ROG Phone 5S and ROG Phone 3 are available.
  • For the popular Xiaomi we have the Mi 10, Mi 10 LITE 5G, Mi MI 10 PRO, Mi MI 10 ULTRA, Mi MI 10I, Mi MI 10S, Mi MI 10T, Mi MI 10T LITE, Mi MI 10T PRO, Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11I. My 11 Pro, My MIX FOLD, My NOTE 10 LITE.
  • In the low-cost versions of Xiaomi We also have Android 12, these are the 10X 4G, 10X 5G, 10X PRO, 9 POWER, 9T, K30, K30 5G, K30 ULTRA, K30I 5G, K30S ULTRA, K40, K40 GAMING, K40 PRO, K40 PRO +. Also, NOTE 10, NOTE 10 PRO, NOTE 10 PRO MAX, NOTE 10S, NOTE 10T, NOTE 8 2021, NOTE 9, NOTE 9 5G, NOTE 9 PRO, NOTE 9 PRO 5G, NOTE 9 PRO MAX, NOTE 9Si and the NOTE 9T.
  • Samsung He has also wanted to take advantage of this new version in his Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 +, Galaxy S21 Ultra phones.
  • It will also be available on the brand Oneplus in its versions 9, 9 pro, 9R, 9, 9 Pro9R, 8, 8, Pro, 8T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, Nord, Nord CE 5G and Nord 2.

If these phones do not yet have the new Android system update available, it is expected that they will be the first to access it. So now you know, if you have any of these phones you should be pending to update your operating system if you have not done so yet.

Name of the operating system.

Previously, Google used to name their operating systems after some goodies, such as Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow.

In September 2020 Google announced that the new version of Android would be called Android 12. In this way, it demarcated itself from tradition and assigned a basic numbered name, giving the operating system more formality. However, Android 12 is also known by the code name Snow Cone.

What’s new in Android 12.

In the new version of Android we can find many changes compared to previous versions. The user interface is where the most radical changes have been made. Google already announced it at the time, and now we see it come true. In addition, users have mmore privacy and personalization features of the telephone. These are the new features present in Android 12.

Lock screen with clock.

Android lock screen 12.
Android 12 lock screen

Once your mobile phone is locked, you can see a large digital clock on the screen. If the screen is free of notifications, the effect is especially striking, simple but elegant.

Unlock with PIN code.

To access the mobile phone it is necessary to unblock it by entering the PIN code of your card SIM / USIM. In Android 12 you will notice the new design of the numeric keypad. It has round and large buttons, without losing the touch of minimalism. In addition to color tones based on the design regulations of Google Material You.

Notifications in Android 12.

The notification panel has also undergone changes with Android 12. These are automatically grouped and ordered depending on the application that issues it. Regarding control, we now have asimplement button on which you have to press to postpone the notification, as opposed to having to swipe as was customary in previous versions. In addition, notifications can be postponed for a period of time determined by the user.


If you want to take a screenshot, and the image does not include all the content that it should, Android 12 already has the solution. The scrolling screenshots This new version of the Google operating system is available.

Once the capture is made, you will be able to write colored texts on it in the editing and marking function. You can also include emojis with option of labels.

Privacy in Android 12.

One of the functionalities of the new system on which the most changes have been made is regarding the privacy panel. This new interface will provide quick access to applications with access to any type of permission in the system. As an added privacy, the option to location access Any application need not be exact from where you are. You can select the option to display an approximate location of the site where you are.

Also included is a quick on or off option to disable microphone, camera and location so that no app can access them. On the other hand, when the camera and microphone are in use, at the top right of the screen you will see a small green indicator. By scrolling down on this indicator and tapping on the displayed icon, you will be able to see which applications are capturing sound or image.

Themes and customizations.

Personalization has also been modified in Android 12. As a new option you can choose the colors of your wallpaper determine the color theme of all the phone’s features. This can also be applied to the icons when activating the function “Thematic icons”, which will change all your icons according to the chosen color theme.


In general, Google wanted to be closer to the user with Android 12. The user interface has been improved to allow faster access to tasks and notifications. The widgets They have increased their functionality with enhancements and visually improved designs.

The technology Material You provides redesigned colors and themes to accentuate the simplicity and elegance of the new system. In short, with the powerful customization options and new functionalities, there is no doubt that the popularity of this operating system can only grow.

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