Android 13 has a discreet security novelty, but which guarantees user protection

Deepak Gupta August 21, 2022
Updated 2022/08/21 at 7:40 AM

Introduced a few days ago, Android 13 has been being evaluated and many features now appear naturally. It is a process that is repeated every year and that brings the news into the hands of users.

A novelty revealed with the presentation of this new version of the Google system appeared discreetly. It brings greater security to users and ensures that they and their most sensitive data are protected naturally.




There were many news that were revealed by Google when it first showed Android 13. These focus on the interface and the new Material You design language, but go further and reinforce the security and privacy levels of Google's system.

It is precisely in this area that arises an important novelty, but which will pass as discreet to many. We are talking about the automatic management of the Android 13 clipboard that will be automatically deleted by the system in some particular situations.

Prevent any unwanted access to your clipboard. If you copy sensitive data like your email address, phone number or login credentials to your device, Android will automatically clear clipboard history after a period of time

It is with the above description that Google describes this new feature of Android 13. It will not happen in all cases and not always that an element is copied in this new version, but in special cases where sensitive user data is involved.

Something Google didn't reveal is how long this data is kept before it's deleted. Even so, and based on tests already carried out, it was present that this automatic removal will take place after 1 hour, or, as it is in the code, 3,600,000 milliseconds.

Android 13 security protection Google new

This functionality complements others that Android 12 had already implemented before, such as the alert when apps accessed the clipboard. At the same time, Google's keyboard, the GBboardalready does the same, getting something transversal to Android, regardless of the keyboard used.

With this new feature, Android 13 is able to guarantee even more security for users and the protection of their data. Everything will happen silently and without the user noticing it, still managing to guarantee high prices here.

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