Android 13: Pixel 4 accidentally gets Google update weeks ahead of time

Deepak Gupta June 26, 2022
Updated 2022/06/26 at 11:46 PM

Android 13 is being developed at a good pace, with Google periodically releasing new test versions as expected. This system is expected at the end of summer, in order to first update Google smartphones.

Still without a planned and expected release date, an abnormal situation has now arisen. Unexpectedly, a Pixel 4 user received an update to Android 13, even though it is a beta version.




Google has its testing program open and to be used by everyone who wants to try Android 13. It is not limited to Pixels only, but has opened it to several models from other brands, so that they can evaluate this version.

What the user of this Pixel 4 did not expect was that his smartphone would receive version TP1A.220603.002.A1 of Android 13. This is apparently reserved for Google's internal testing and should not have been made available outside the company.

Even stranger, and even ridiculous, is that this user does not have his Pixel 4 registered in any Android 13 test. He was thus far from having access to this or any other version of Google's new system, which has not even been released yet. .

In the description he presented on various Internet channels, the owner of this Pixel 4 revealed that from that moment on he had problems with the smartphone. The worst of them was even an apparent incompatibility with the Play Store. Reinstalling the app and even resetting the Pixel 4 were measures that did not solve the problem.

Despite apparently being the only known case with Android 13, this is a seemingly normal situation. In previous years and with different versions, reports emerged of situations in which Pixel smartphone users inadvertently received updates.

With Android 13 almost here, Google is now accelerating its pace of development. The final version should appear soon, thus paving the way for the expected update, both for the Pixel and for all other smartphones in Google's system.

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