Android 13: Smartwatch will be able to unlock the smartphone with the Google system

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 18, 2022
Updated 2022/06/18 at 1:33 AM

Although it is still being finished, Google has been betting a lot on Android 13. This system is already stable and capable of being used, as has been proven with the test versions that have been released to users.

With the discovery of this new version, there are important news that will certainly mark its use on smartphones. The latest shows that with Android 13 it will be possible to unlock the smartphone using only a smartwatch.

Android 13 is almost here globally and for all smartphones. Google is still fixing problems and finishing implementing some features, with a lot still to discover about this new version of this system.

Even with several test versions already released, there is still a lot to discover in this system. The latest discovery is not new, having been around for some time, although without much evidence that it would become real.

We are talking about the possibility of a smartwatch being able to unlock an Android smartphone, to ensure security with the proximity of users. The latest information crosses code found in Google Play Services v22.24.13 with that of Android 13.

What was found in the code of this version showed how it will be possible to use Nearby Unlock to unlock the smartphone. It will only happen when the smartwatch is unlocked and close to Android 13. This will guarantee that the user is close to his phone.

In addition to the code that was found, there is other evidence that shows the arrival with Android 13 of this novelty. A short video shows how the initial setup will be done, showing that you can easily unlock your smartphone using the smartwatch.

These are good news and show how a greater integration between the smartphone and the smartwatch will be made in Android 13. This system will be another big change that Google will bring and that will change a lot in the phone market.

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