Android apps can also be used on Windows 11 in the future

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 10:30 AM

Android and Windows simply get along well, that has been known for a long time. But in contrast to Apple, Microsoft looked a bit poor when it came to app compatibility. The tech world was all the more pleased when the software company from Redmond confirmed that it would do so in the future Android apps on Windows to allow.

Android Apps on Windows: A logical step

The features for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, were announced last year, but have been silent since then. The company has now announced that Android apps can also be installed on the home PC via Windows in the future.

On the Microsoft blog it says that the innovation should come in February. When the time comes, users of Android devices should be able to easily install their apps on the operating system of their home computer.

First version only as beta

What the software developer has already revealed: The feature will initially contain a so-called “Public Preview” function in February. In principle, it is an early access to which further components will be added later in the development process.

For users, this could mean that only a few selected Android apps will support the service on Windows 11 for the time being. The developers want to expand the range of included apps over an unspecified period of time. In addition, apps already offered in the course of this early version may not always run properly. Microsoft only calls the feature a beta version anyway. Users who already have experience with beta’s will be able to forgive any errors.

Not all apps available

Anyone who believed that Windows offers all the apps available in the Google Playstore is unfortunately wrong. Microsoft’s new feature primarily supports the Amazon App Store. How well the Android applications will run on the operating system of one’s own PC will probably only become apparent in February.

The fact is that with Windows 11 Microsoft is bringing some innovations into play that the software giants have long considered superfluous. The icon of the new operating system is already flashing for many Windows users. However, you should think twice about updating from Windows 10 to 11.

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