Anouschka Renzi: Why does she mess with everyone in the jungle?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 6:50 PM

He offends with her, she with him, with the – and somehow all with Anouschka Renzi (57). About halfway through the 2022 jungle camp, the obligatory groups formed again this year. If the private duel was initially primarily Jasmin Herren (43) versus Renzi, the latter has lost it at the latest due to her earplug gate and the associated rant with everyone in the South African alternative camp. Why is Renzi more upset than anyone else? Maybe because she’s had to take more than everyone else in the past.

As a reminder: Due to various rule violations, the jungle campers had to give up one of their two luxury items. However, the sophisticated Renzi contributed only four of her six earplugs. When she was caught in the act, she didn’t apologize, but sought her salvation in a verbal and completely misguided attack: “What kind of shit is this on people! I don’t want to have anything to do with such people. ”The supposed informer, of all people the always friendly Tina Ruland (55), gave her opinion in particular and deep below the belt line.

Raised in the elbow society of the limelight

The jet set life of her famous parents meant that Renzi could rarely call a place home and certain people her attachment figures. She attended eleven schools and easily had 20 nannies, Renzi told Stern in 2014. And yet she was “always alone.” Renzi knows the feeling of “me against the rest of the world” that may be going through her head in the jungle at the moment only too well. It might even draw some strength from it.

She proved this when she was just 17 years old when she moved to New York and took acting classes there. Given the inflation of would-be stars in the USA, there is certainly no harder place to assert yourself as an actress. But Renzi still bit his way through the Big Apple single-handedly.

Thin skin because of Désirée Nick?

The fact that Renzi has a shorter fuse than some other participants in the show could also be due to a retired jungle snake. TV personality Désirée Nick (65) is known to know exactly which buttons to press in order to make the other person jump out of their skin. She also shares a past with Renzi that even led to a serious legal dispute including a temporary injunction. Nick had made disparaging remarks about Renzi’s supposed cosmetic interventions.

According to Renzi, the prudence in the story came too late. She shouldn’t have said anything at all, instead she just offered Nick a “platform, ennobled her and gave her the opportunity to make a name for herself at my expense,” she quoted “rp-online” in 2004.

Even in the jungle, reflection on their actions came late, but it came. However, it is probably too late to mend the rifts between her and Ruland. But there is also a positive side to the uproar: Renzi is definitely not calculating, doesn’t sneak up on her fellow campaigners just to ram a dagger in their backs. She comes running head-on.

Yell at or hush up?

Renzi also told the “Stern” that she had something done on her appearance and that she had to endure a lot of scorn and mockery away from Nick. And clarified: “The problem is that I didn’t do it to look younger. It’s because I didn’t like the way I looked anymore.”

In this regard, another interesting sentence falls: “Instead of saying it from the outset, I kept a lot of things to myself.” Renzi also seems to have taken these two opposing drivers to the jungle camp. A desire to address things promptly and bluntly. And the immediate wish that she would have preferred to keep her mouth shut.


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