Antivirus software in the test: Which programs are “very good”?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 22, 2022
Updated 2022/01/22 at 1:23 PM

It’s no surprise that there has been crime online since the beginning of the internet era. These include fraudulent schemes, but also malware that is able to turn the computer from zero to one hundred upside down. Virus attack on the computer can have fatal consequences. Often the only thing that helps is formatting the hard drive. To prevent this, a good antivirus program is part of the standard repertoire of every PC user. IMTEST has the best Antivirus software review found.

Antivirus software in the test: what is it necessary for?

Can you actually do without such a program? Heavy. Because: Cybercrime has never been as high as it is now. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) classifies the threat from cyber attacks as “tense to critical”. In the last year alone there were over 140 million new variants of malware on the Internet – that is a shockingly high number.

Antivirus programs provide protection. They detect malicious software and block it. Conversely, this means that they are not stored on the PC and cannot cause any damage. And the damage can be great: media presence received a blackmail Trojan. This secretly encrypts user data until the computer is locked. A screen message says: “Either you pay money or we keep your data”. It is a trap. The problem is: Not everyone recognizes the Trojan directly as such and could transfer the money out of fear.

How do I infect my PC with a virus?

There are numerous ways in which malware gets onto the computer. A little overview:

  • Downloads from untrustworthy websites
  • Attachments in e-mails from third-party or virus-infected addresses (especially .exe files)
  • Virus-laden websites find space on the computer due to security gaps

How good are the antivirus programs in the IMTEST test?

In order to check the effectiveness of the protection programs in the test, IMTEST brought in reinforcements: Together with the security partner AV-Test, they tested all software programs. After six months it was clear: Five of the ten test candidates offered 100% protection. This resulted in the final grade “very good”. These included programs such as Total Security from Bitdefender, Total Security from Kaspersky and 360 Deluxe from Norton Lifelock.

The wide range of functions of the antivirus software convinced all testers. These include, for example, a password manager, email phishing protection and banking protection. False reports played the programs hardly or not at all. And according to IMTEST, canceling the programs couldn’t be easier.

Antivirus programs – a must-have for everyone

No matter how comprehensive the know-how about the greatest threats to the Internet, nobody on the Internet is safe from viruses and malware. One wrong click is enough to bring about harsh consequences. This can happen by accident – to anyone.

With antivirus software like the one in the test, the risk is significantly reduced.

And the software does that very well. Nevertheless, caution is required due to the constant flow of new criminal malware. Even the best program cannot always detect the latest viruses. Nevertheless: Without virus protection, your computer is vulnerable to a virus.

Sources: IMTEST; own research

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