Anvisa approves the use of self-tests for Covid-19 in Brazil

Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 9:21 AM

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) unanimously approved the use of Covid-19 self-tests in Brazil. The vote took place this Friday (28) and the decision allows the marketing of tests in pharmacies and other health establishments.

The exams can be performed at home and allow the user to follow the progress of the disease. However, the Anvisa says that the test result is not conclusive for the diagnosis of Covid-19.

During the vote, which was unanimously approved, the directors highlighted the significant increase in cases and the advancement of the Ômicron variant as one of the factors for approval. Cristiane Rose Jourdan, director of Anvisa, says that approval is an excellent screening strategy. “The in vitro diagnostic product in the form of a self-test can represent an excellent screening strategy and additional measure in controlling the pandemic, especially at a time when the disease is contagious and many people are unable to access tests through SUS or laboratories. in the private network”, stated Cristiane.

How to use the self test

The Ministry of Health made the request to Anvisa, for use of the tests, on January 13, as a complementary strategy to the National Testing Expansion Plan. At the time, Anvisa requested more information from the Ministry. After the doubts were resolved, the application was approved and below you can see how to perform the exam.

  • The patient must purchase the testing kit at a pharmacy or healthcare facility;
  • Collect secretions from the nose or mouth with a cotton swab;
  • Introduce the rod in chemical solution;
  • Wait 30 minutes to check the result.

Specialists reinforce that despite the process being simple, the Information needs to be accessible and written in plain language. Researcher Chrystina Barros, from UFRJ, reinforces this need: “All these observations must be made by the manufacturer according to each kit. This must be validated by the health surveillance to ensure that the product being placed on the market meets the technical specifications , the safety of the collection and the result in what is possible to achieve in this type of exam”.

It is important to note that despite having been approved, the self-tests will not be immediately available for sale in pharmacies. First, companies will need to register and approve their test kit with Anvisa, in order to be able to commercialize it.


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Source: CNN Brazil

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