Apple: App Notes has a novelty that few know

Deepak Gupta April 18, 2022
Updated 2022/04/18 at 9:03 AM

The Notes app has been around for several years in the Apple ecosystem. From iOS to macOS, this app is not seen with the potential it has. In fact, there are many users who have no idea how they can, for example, include a password for each note, write with Apple Pencil, share the contents of a note with someone, scan a document and even use this tool as a a chat, with activity log.

Today we are going to leave a little tip that will cover some interesting actions, being able to use this software to share a note and create user mentions.

Sharing notes on iPhone, iPad and Mac is an increasingly common feature. And now, like the Notes app in iOS 15, the software brings several improvements such as mentions, collaborating between participants and a few more good options. If you still don't know these features, it's time to see how to do it.

Mention your colleagues in Notes on iPhone

We have already covered this application in several possibilities, from using it to transform a document into a PDF, to protecting the content of a note with a password. It is also possible to share a note with several users and have a chat-like conversation within the document itself.

In addition, and using these sharing and collaboration options, we can mention a participant in order for them to receive a notification.

As we can see in the images above, the whole process is easy. Create a document, that's straight forward and we can even put in organization elements. Then, just open that note, at the top, click on the ellipsis. There, the user will be able to see the option to share a note, where, when pressed, he will see the different ways to do it.

Choose the recipient and wait for them to accept the invitation.

From that moment on, all changes made by the user, or by the various parties involved, will be saved. To better organize your work, Apple created Mentions.

Whenever you have an invited person or are on a note of this type, you can mention them to draw your attention to any point on the note.

Just do this: put the pointer where you want this person to see the comment. Type the letter "@" and you will automatically see a suggestion with the people who collaborate on this note.

Click on one of the participants and the chosen one will receive a notification on their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The person will be able to consult the record of edits, when they were made and not lose focus, for when their attention is requested in the document.

This tip touches on various options, from creating, editing, collaboration tools, alerts and exporting work to other formats or platforms.

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