Apple confirms unauthorized Siri recordings – iOS15 bug fix fixes the problem

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 10:41 AM

The iOS 15-Update fixed major security vulnerabilities. However, there was one big bug Apple only now started. It’s about Siri-Interactions pirated by the iPhones. through the new one bug fix however, this problem is history.

Apple Confirms It – The Unauthorized Siri Recordings

Apple recently released the second beta version of the iOS 15 update. The update is particularly important because it fixes a major bug. According to ZDNet, Apple has confirmed the error. These are illicit Siri recordings captured by some iPhones. This happened regardless of whether they opted out.

This error first appeared with the new iOS 15 update. The settings “Improve Siri” and “Dictation” would have been activated automatically. The problem is that this setting gives Apple permission to record, save and review conversations with Siri.

After Apple identified the error, the company deleted all recordings that were made. With the new update version iOS 15.4, the bug has now been completely fixed. In addition, iPhone users may now be asked for their permission for the setting after the update.

Bring devices up to date

The new iOS 15 update will only be effective if the iPhone users perform the update. That’s why Apple recommends it. But there are always reasons why users do it late or not at all. In this case it is important to disable the setting manually. However, not every user is affected by the bug.

Nevertheless, it is always worth updating your Apple devices. This is shown above all by the massive bug fix of the iOS 15.3 update.

Sources: ZDNet

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