Apple finishes testing its augmented reality/virtual reality headset

Deepak Gupta February 21, 2022
Updated 2022/02/21 at 5:49 PM

A new leak indicates that apple took another step in its project of the VR/AR headset. Taiwanese website DigiTimes reported that the Cupertino giant has completed the second phase of engineering validation tests for the alleged Apple Glasses. This step is to verify that the company’s performance target and specifications have been met.

Validated Apple Glasses, release date uncertain

In case the leakage of DigiTimeswho said that he received the information from sources in the production chain of the VR/AR headsetif real, is a sign that the apple solved the product overheating issues. The news of the approval of the tests was published in the “Before the press” section of the website. This section is exclusive to members and provides brief information before the final news. When published, DigiTimes should release more exclusives to the source.

O VR/AR headset gives apple suffered from overheating problems, according to the Bloomberg. The reason comes from the use of two processors: one with performance at the level of the M1 Pro and another for the sensors of the Apple Glasses. This caused the product launch to be delayed, postponing it from the end of the year to the beginning of 2023. But the leak of the DigiTimes indicates that the product will arrive in 2022.

Apple VR Headset: No Metaverse!

While companies are moving towards virtual reality by focusing on the metaverse itself, Apple is doing the opposite. Journalist Mark Gurman, with sources connected to the industry, says that the manufacturer intends that its Apple Glasses be used for games and entertainment. In addition to also producing a version for professionals, whose price, according to rumors, will be US$ 2,000.

Another difficulty is in finalizing the product design: the company wants the VR Header have the perfect combination between the identity of your products and the obstacles of what is possible today in technology. The virtual reality glasses would be manufactured in a light and resistant magnesium alloy, weighing around 100, 110g, being lighter than competing products.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Glasses I was experiencing overheating, software and cameras issues. Despite not going into details about the software and cameras, the publication says that using a powerful processorat the level of M1 Pro, is the cause of the temperature rise in Apple’s VR headset. The product is expected to have two processors: one similar to the M1 Pro for general operation and another exclusive to the sensors of the Apple Glasses.


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