Apple handily dominated the tablet market in 2021

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 9:02 PM

The tablet market has some manufacturers and is quite competitive, but even with the heavy investment of companies like Xiaomi and Samsungwho still dominates this sector is the apple. According to a new market analysis carried out by channelsa Cupertino giant remained leader in the number of devices soldaccounting for nearly 40% of demand in the United States.

In the survey it became clear that interest in tablets at the end of the year declined, showing a 28% drop in the number of handsets sold in Uncle Sam’s land. Although this is not encouraging news for manufacturers, this may have happened because of the beginning of the pandemic, which caused many users to buy tablets and the home-office, then, with the normalization of the market and the return of work and face-to-face school, the trend was really down.

But, even with this bad end of year, the North American tablet market still presented a small 1% annual growthtotaling 135 million units shipped in 2021. The leader in this market was applewhich dominated the market with a shipment of more than 19 million iPads in the fourth quarterrepresenting a total of 40% of the models sent to stores.

Credits: Apple Disclosure

However, the news is not only encouraging for the Cupertino giant, because the its market share dropped and its annual growth was -17.3%. Fortunately, for the company, almost all of its competitors also showed a drop in shipments, except for the Samsungthe third in the ranking, which grew by 4.5% last year, shipping a total of 7.9 million devices.

But if in the North American tablet market Apple has reason to celebrate, in the area of ​​computers, notebooks and workstations it didn’t even enter the top three of biggest sellers. The Apple company was fourth in the ranking, behind HP, dell and Lenovo.

Of all the markets analyzed by the channelsa desktop area was the fastest growing in the United States during 2021with a 9% increase in the number of models purchased.


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Source: channels, 9to5Mac

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