Apple has a patent for a tripod and gimbal stand with MagSafe, see images

Deepak Gupta February 12, 2022
Updated 2022/02/12 at 4:13 AM

The website Patently Apple, a specialist in finding patents for the apple maker, found a very curious patent from apple: a tripod and gimbal stand for iPhones that uses the MagSafe. In addition, the accessory, aimed at content creators, will also have charging for smartphones. Despite a good product — and a guarantee that it would be purchased regardless of the price — there is no certainty that the apple will launch your iTriPod (Tripod in English is tripod).

Everyone thinking about content creators, even Apple

THE Meta/Facebook (for your social network instagram), YouTube and TikTok are all thinking about developing new tools to help content creators on the platforms. Nothing more natural than apple think of novelties for breeders who use iPhones for content production, right? From the patent images of the tripod standyou content creators will be able to record videos and stream lives for a long time, as the product will have an input for a lighting cable (third image). Nothing also prevents it from being possible to load the smartphone through own MagSafe.

Source: Reproduction/Patently Apple.

Despite the images, it is possible that the apple never launch the product. The manufacturer has already had patents revealed for never-released accessories, such as the lens mount. There is a possibility that the Cupertino giant will let accessory makers create the product.

MagSafe: Magnets on iPhones

THE MagSafepresent in iPhone 13allows various accessories — such as protective cases, card holders and wireless chargers — to be attached to the smartphone through a set of magnets located on the back of the device. smartphone. This functionality was created back in 2007 for the Macbooks and abandoned, it was only in 2020 that it made its way to the iPhones 12. However, the iPhone SE 3rd Generationmodel that will be launched in March or April, will not have the MagSafeleaving the technology only to Apple numbered smartphones — until 2024, the year the SE 4th Generation must be released and he can gain functionality MagSafe.


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Source: Patently Apple

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