Apple: New, high-performance iMac Pro planned for 2022

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 15, 2021
Updated 2021/12/15 at 1:21 AM

From large, successful companies like Apple we expect a lot. Especially when it comes to new technologies and devices. Now it seems like Apple wants to go a step further. The new Apple iMac Pro come out, which outperforms all previous Macs with its high performance.

Apple iMac Pro – What can it do?

There is always new leak information about new Apple products. This time there is a particularly exciting one from Ross Young, the founder and analyst of the marketing insight company Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).

According to Young, Apple will be releasing an iMac Pro with mini LED screen technology next spring. The special thing about the Mac is that the device allows 27-inch display frame rates of up to 120 Hertz. Apple first used this technology in the new iPhone 13. In addition, the new iMac is said to have the same M1-Pro and M1-Max chips as the new Macbook Pros.

Rumors have been circulating about new devices with this screen technology since October. Both Young himself and the leaker Dykland have already reported on this.

It is likely that production of the new iMac Pros will be postponed. This is not least due to Apple’s production problems, from which the iPhone 13 suffers the most. At the moment, the company lacks mini-LEDs.

Further products

The leak on the Apple iMac Pro is not the only one that is circulating rapidly on the net. Rumors of a new foldable iPhone are also making the rounds. Young rejects this, however. The foldable iPhone should first be available at the end of 2024.

Furthermore, Young predicts delays in the iPad and Macbook OLED models, which should not appear until 2023.

Sources: Apple Insider, Twitter; @theapplehub @DSCCRoss

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