Apple released watchOS 9, even more focused on health and sports

Deepak Gupta June 7, 2022
Updated 2022/06/07 at 5:02 AM

The Apple Watch has long achieved a unique position in the world of smartwtches. This smart watch is uniquely integrated into the Apple ecosystem, offering many unique features.

With the news coming out today, Apple decided to further improve the operating system of this watch and brings a lot of news in watchOS 9. Let’s find out what’s new.

To bring out the improvements of watchOS 9, Apple has split them. These focus on various areas, from watch faces to sports and health.

Firstly, Apple gives its Watch 4 new watch faces. These redesign the users' offer and reform all the information present in this system, with live information and quick access.

In the field of running, the associated app is more accurate and with even more information. It wants to make running smarter and more informative for users. In this way, you can make the exercise more useful.

Another area where novelties are present is in health. One of the examples is in medicines, which the Apple Watch will be able to monitor and alert users. These will also receive alerts for dangerous mixtures that can be made with medicines.

Security continues to play an important role here and Apple now guarantees that all information is only present on the user's watch and what is transmitted will always be safeguarded and not shared with anyone.

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