Apple releases film by South Korean director Park Chan-wook shot with iPhone 13 Pro; watch

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 12:01 PM

One of the most outstanding attributes of the apple on their smartphones is the camera. In this way, the company seeks to increasingly reinforce the features of the iPhone 13’s camera. To further emphasize the campaign Shot on iPhonethe company shared in full the short Life is But a Dream (Life is just a dream, translated into Portuguese), by the director Park Chan-wook on Youtube. The entire movie was shot with the iPhone 13 Pro camera.

The South Korean director is known for directing feature films such as Oldboy (2005), Lady Vengeance (2005), Secrets of Blood (2013) and The Handmaid (2016). It is also worth noting that the director created independent films last year, in which they were also filmed with iPhone cameras.

The film is just over 21 minutes long and is available in its entirety on Apple’s official YouTube channel. Check out the full production below:

About the movie

This is the film’s synopsis: “A mortician who needs wood to build a coffin for his village’s savior digs an abandoned grave. But in doing so, he accidentally awakens the ghost of an ancient swordsman. Now the ghost tries to recover your coffin.”

The production’s cast includes well-known actors such as Yoo Hai-jin, Kim Ok-vin and Park Jeong-min. In addition, Jang Young-gyu’s original soundtrack is also available for the public to listen to through the service of Apple Music.

The company also released the making of, showing the backstage of the recording and how some of the most remarkable scenes of the short film were made. Chan-wook utilized a number of features from the iPhone 13 line, including Cinematic Mode and low-light environment enhancements and corrections. See below:


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