Apple stops updating some iPhones: Who needs to act now

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 3:12 PM

To ensure that your smartphone and the sensitive data it contains are safe, you should iPhone always keep up to date with updates. Now numerous users have to act, because Apple provides support for iOS 14 one.

Keep iPhone up to date

Apple makes it clear to Ars Technica that the option to run the iPhone on iOS 14 was only intended for a limited time from the start. In fact, the last update of the version was in October (iOS 14.8.1).

Apparently neither security optimizations nor bug fixes are distributed for the older version. Anyone using an iPhone with iOS 14 should definitely consider an update. This is the only way to ensure safety. According to Gizchina, there isn’t even an update to 14.8.1 anymore. to choose from, but only on iOS 15.

What if my phone doesn’t support iOS 15?

If your smartphone does not support iOS 15, then it is advisable to buy a newer iPhone. For example, the new iPhone SE will probably be available in March 2022.

Of course, you can also switch providers and start using Android. This Android phone is said to beat the iPhone 13’s camera.

Sources: Ars Technica, Apple, Gizchina

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